MSI™ Live Update 2--Simplified Your BIOS / Driver Update and Now with Multi-Languages Support

Latest Update:

MSI™ always bring the latest technology and innovation to computer users. Since the introduction of its Live Update 2, the average monthly users for this feature have exceeded over six million hits so far. To be able to keep up with users' demands, MSI™ continually invest our networking equipments.

MSI™ Live Update 2 includes several useful and powerful applications such as Live BIOS™, Live Driver™, Live VGA BIOS™, Live VGA Driver™, Live Utility™ and Live Monitor™, which scans your PC for the BIOS version, system drivers, and provides you with a customized list of available updates and then help you to download and update the latest version of BIOS and driver automatically.

You do not have to spend much time in searching the whole website to find the drivers you need.

Developed with the ease of use in mind, the latest Live Update 2 supports traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese and Poland. The software automatically detects the operating system and then install on the user's computer based on the language support of the OS. MSI believes that the users will find the Live Update 2 very useful and ease to use.

If you have any questions about the Live Update 2, please go to for details.