MSI announces frosty limited edition Trident 3 Arctic Gaming PC Limited edition, unlimited potential.

Latest Update:
Trident 3 ArcticMSI, manufacturer of true gaming hardware, launched the Trident 3 Gaming PC beginning of this year. Praised by media and awarded with an IF Design award, MSI is announcing a chilled limited edition of their highly awarded gaming PC, Trident 3 Arctic.

With its icy white color, it gives a cool look in every gamers den. Besides its looks, Trident 3 Arctic gets a big performance upgrade. It houses a customized GeForce® GTX 1070 GAMING graphics card and uses the latest Intel® Kaby Lake processor to get performance levels far above its equally sized console counterparts. Talking about size, MSI Trident 3 Arctic is the pinnacle of small form factor, yet high performance PC gaming. Whether in a VR environment or simply on the couch with friends, gamers are sure to enjoy smooth gameplay with the MSI Trident 3 Arctic.

The MSI Trident 3 Arctic is available in the USA region at the beginning of April and at the end of April in EU regions.

A true gaming PC has a GAMING graphics card

Trident 3 Arctic features a customized MSI GeForce® GTX 1070 GAMING graphics card in ITX format, which outshines any ITX reference cards found in other small form factor PCs. Gamers can now enjoy the best in-game performance on a console sized PC.

Ready to immerse in VR

Loaded with an Intel® Core™ i7 processor* combined with a GeForce® GTX 1070 graphics card, Trident 3 Arctic is ready to provide a smooth display of VR content on your VR headset, such as the HTC Vive. MSI made it super easy to connect a VR headset by implementing VR Link, an HDMI-port on the front side of the system, supported by MSI’s One-click to VR software that automatically optimizes both system performance and prevents any software from impacting the VR experience.
*Configuration varies by country

Perfectly cool with Silent Storm Cooling 2

MSI crafted a unique way to keep the system as cool and quiet as possible by individually cooling the most important heat-generating hardware in the system using separated chambers. When performance really matters, Trident 3 Arctic is up to the task and delivers powerful gameplay without annoying gamers with noisy fans or overheating hardware.

Trident 3 Arctic

Add a personal touch with RGB Mystic Light

For those who like to add a little personal touch to their system, MSI Trident 3 Arctic features RGB Mystic Light. By using the Mystic Light App or MSI’s Gaming Center software, gamers can instantly change the color and effects of the front LED lights on the system to match their mood.

Trident 3 Arctic