MSI and Monster Energy announce collaborative partnership, calling on all gamers to build dope PCs without getting broke

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Taipei, Taiwan, May. 10, 2018. It is usually considered that building a strong PC costs excessively high which is unapproachable to mainstream gamers. To subvert the impression, today, MSI is launching its budget gaming PC campaign - “Dope, not broke.” - recommending latest PC configurations, good balance of budget-minded components to be assembled as decent PCs. MSI teaming up with Monster Energy, the world’s leading energy drink giant, is here to call on gamers to build a dope PC without getting broke.

“Dope, not broke” campaign kicks off with a quartet of captivating visuals portraying the gamers’ glorious in-game moment in different game genres. Each visual represents a featured concept – The Mighty as First-Person Shooter game, The Fast as racing game, The RGB as space sci-fi game and The Arctic as survival game. The gamer’s heroic back shot in companion with the featured PC as a supportive sidekick shines through the light, revealing their fearless attitude when they confront the fierce enemy or dangerous adventure ahead.

It is worth noting that, this time MSI collaborates with Monster Engergy to drop the “Dope” conceptual visuals as a tribute to the passionate gaming spirit inherited in every gamer who yearn to show his/her personality. The association of MSI’s extreme gaming hardware and Monster Energy’s edgy image in esports field aims to bring more enthusiastic vibe into gaming community.

With the fresh rollout of 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, MSI provides a variety of motherboard options with excellent price-performance that best fit diverse gamer’s needs. Featuring the latest Intel-based motherboards: B360M MORTAR, B360 GAMING PLUS, B360 GAMING PRO CARBON, H310M GAMING ARCTIC, gamers can choose the most suitable PC configurations based on different feature concepts they would want to build.

For gamers who want to build a dope PC to show their personalities, they have different color options now even on small form factor motherboards, such as white or titanium color. Or they can choose another way to add personal touch on their PCs. Featuring Mystic Light, the motherboards support 16.8 million color and 17 lighting effects for gamers to customize their PCs in any way they could imagine. With more cores’ processors, thermal and power design is more important to make sure the temperature keeps lower. MSI extended PWM heatsink and enhanced circuit design ensures even high-end i7 CPU to run in full speed with MSI motherboards.

The campaign is now live at