MSI™ Launches New VIA® Pro 266 Motherboard -- Pro266T Master-R

Latest Update:

In response to customer demands, MSI™ is announcing a new full-featured motherboard product based on VIA® Pro266 chipset - the Pro266T Master-R.
The Pro266T Master-R is of ATX form factor, and applies Socket 370 architecture supporting IntelR Celeron™ / Pentium® III (FC-PGA) and VIA® C3 processors up to 1.2GHz and higher. The Pro266T Master-R motherboard is configured with one AGP Pro, one CNR (Communication Networking Riser) and 5 PCI slots, providing the greatest flexibility and expandability for add-on devices. The Pro266T Master-R also comes with 4 DIMM sockets plus four DDR sockets, able to support up to 4GB of system memory.

The main features of the Pro266T Master-R include:

Supports Promise IDE RAID 0 or 1 (Optional)
As a hard drive matrix, RAID enables users to integrate several hard drives to form a unit hard drive at a larger size, aiming to provide error correction (error tolerance) of system data and to enhance system operation. RAID 1 is for data mirroring or data deposit, it enables error correction (error tolerance) of system data; while RAID 0 is for stripping, whose fast access enhances system operation efficiency extensively.

USB "PC2PC" Connection
Users just need to own MSI™ motherboard that supports this fteaure by using one USB cable; it could easy conduct data transfer and back up, Internet access, Peripheral sharing , Net Meeting, Ethernet Emulation, Home Networking and Mobile Computing.

Supports Live Driver™
"The Live Driver is the latest innovation from MSI™. The software program is developed with users' convenience in mind. It allows end users to automatically download and install the latest drivers for their motherboards from MSI™ website."

Fuzzy Logic™3
Fuzzy Logic™3 is an MSI™ own developed proprietary software utility that automatically and intelligently adjusts processor and system frequency. By applying Artificial Intelligence, the process of adjusting to the optimum processor and system frequency is accomplished automatically under Windows® working environment. It is also worth mentioning that Fuzzy Logic™3 would reboot automatically without user's pushing RESTART button while system hang by overclocking.

Live BIOS™
A brand new MSI™'s own developed intelligent tool, the Live BIOS™ is constantly monitoring the BIOS releases from MSI™'s web site, and compares with the one on the motherboard. Live BIOS™ will automatically download the newest BIOS version and automatically installs after download, ensuring an error free BIOS updating process. Live BIOS™ provides an automatic and user-friendly interface, completing the process of downloading and installing new BIOS versions under Windows® environment.

The new value tool developed by MSI™. Besides the traditional combination of 4 LED light signals to represent 16 different troubleshooting functions during boot up, D-LED™ now literally tells you the status of the boot up process, so that you can easily find the cause of any possible failure.

Integrated Audio
A 3D PCI bus audio controller is integrated, saving the cost of an additional audio card. It also supports AC'97 standard.

6 USB Ports
Pro266T Master-R supports 6 USB ports. Besides the two in the rear panel, additional four USB ports can be installed in the front panel for connection of a wide range of USB devices.

For other product specifications or more onformation about our new Pro266T Master-R, please visit MSI™'s website (http://