Gamer Santa is on the way! MSI releases hilarious videos to rescue gamers from tedious Christmas.

Latest Update:
This year, why not have a merry gamer Christmas! Finding usual Christmas a bit boring, MSI teams up with New Zealand rising influencer Viva La Dirt League, and presents a series of light-hearted advertisements to call up gamers for a Christmas that gamers actually want. The video makes its debut on December 6th, and will be consequently released within the week.
Watch the video:

The #DearGamerSanta campaign tells the stories of the Gamer Santa trying to rescue gamers from tedious Christmas activities by bizarrely invading in others’ Christmas celebration and doing what he thinks is right for a gamer to enjoy their Christmas. With this festive ad, MSI celebrates Christmas in a humorous tone showing gamers' honest roar from deep heart of theirs.

Along with customized ecards for gamers to share their honest blessings, MSI also provides a useful holiday gift guide on its event page to assure families, valentines and friends won’t miss the chance to buy the perfect gift for gamers.

Nothing could stop MSI and Gamer Santa going further. Launching social media tag #DearGamerSanta, MSI is also running a competition to give out gaming presents, including the latest motherboards, graphics cards, desktops, monitors and more! By uploading photos telling "what have you done to be a good gamer?" on the event website, you can enter to win the grand prize.
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