Vortex G25, Breaking through boundaries Size of a console, power of a gaming monster

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Vortex G25

What do gamers yearn for? Aside from the 5 gaming aspects (performance, visual, audio, streaming, and controls) MSI dedicated so much on, the real challenge is creating a compact gaming system with zero compromise. And the answer is right here, within the smallest & lightest gaming monster – Vortex G25. Vortex G25 ditches the cylinder shape for something closer to a stylized console at just 2.5 liters volume and 2.5 kilos. Let’s check out the rest of what makes the Vortex G25 shine out in the crowded field for gaming desktops.

Latest 8th Gen Intel CPU inside

Vortex G25 adopts the latest Intel 8th Gen Core processor based on the new Z370 platform. The Core i7-8700 processor comes with 6 cores / 12 Thread computing, and a turbo mode overclockable from 3.2 GHz to 4.3 GHz (Multi Core). The Cooler Boost Titan, consists of dual Whirlwind Blade fans with 8 heatpipes and well-endowed airflows for both GPU & CPU, is able to enhance over 40% performance over its last generation. Vortex G25 can fully handle this incredible power with excellent Cooler Boost Titan thermal solution providing stability and performance.
Vortex G25

VR Optimized Interface & Software

The Vortex G25 was designed for convenient VR application; the front panel has a power jack used to power VR headsets and HDMI, 2 x USB 3.0 ports for ultra-convenience. MSI VR Ready button & Nahimic VR provide the optimized performance and virtual surround sound effect to kick the VR experience up a notch.
Vortex G25

Rapid Disassembly Design - Easy Repair & Upgrade

This compact gaming beast, equipped with pull ring slotted screws, provides a fast and easy way to remove the top cover for repair & upgrade of the dual NVMe M.2 SSD by PCIe Gen3 / SATA-SSD Combo slots, one 2.5" Hard drive, and dual DDR4-2400 slots.
Vortex G25

Hi-Res Audio Ready

The audio experience has also been improved with the ESS SABRE HiFi audio DAC, making Vortex G25 one of the very few Hi-Res Audio certified gaming system in the market. This grants Vortex G25 with 24bit/192KHz sampling rate, supporting the finest audio quality to any high-end headsets through the SABRE HiFi DAC.
Vortex G25

Vortex G25 provides more Performance & Space

In the past, PC gaming systems are usually bulky and lack charisma; but MSI manages to put all extreme gaming specifications into a compact & asthetically appealing 2.5-liter chassis, not to mention its simple upgrade from any users. Power and size are no longer conflicting characteristics as users could place this spaceless system anywhere they desire. MSI once again redefines desktop gaming with this impossibly compact and incredibly powerful brand new product, the MSI Vortex G25.

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Vortex G25
Vortex G25

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