MSI™ introduces you our new IA product -- MS-3011 Set Top Box

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Following the first introduction of the MS-5205, MSI™ today announced the launch of the new MS-3011 Set Top Box. With its compact space-saving design, the MS-3011 Set-Top-Box offers an efficient Internet surfing tool and features a user-friendly operation. The box is a little larger than cable boxes that tune in your cable TV channels, and would typically be placed right on top of your TV in the same way. This product gives users a simple Internet surfing tool, allowing them log onto the Internet easily through their TV sets and telephone lines.

The MS-3011 STB is being developed to meet the consumers' needs. Its simple setup process makes Internet connection easy and fun - all on home television. Easy web surfing, convenient email service, playing MP3 files, and secure online shopping are some of the major features.

Users will also discover the joys of multimedia entertainment provided by their ISP (Internet Service Provider) without any other additional accessories and costs. Through the built-in smart card controller, users also enjoy E-commence, home shopping, and banking at home. With the MS-3011, MSI™ gives the users enjoyable entertainment experience through this one single device.

Following are some of the main features:

Controlled by wireless keyboard, which makes operating the system very easily.

The MS-3011 has a 56 Kbps Modem and the computer software is built in; the system can be used as Web Browser and Email Reader.

Supports Smart Card interface (Optional)

The MS-3011 provides the function to play MP3 files

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