High-performance 694D Pro-AI Advanced-level Motherboard from MSI™ Best of Test - PC Direkt, Germany

Latest Update:

Since the introduction to the market, 694D Pro-AI has been receiving worldwide acclaims. The coverage in PC-Direct, Germany, even graded 'Very Good' for 694D Pro and 694D Pro-A, and 'Best of Test' for 694D Pro-AI. 694D Pro-AI supports dual CPU built on Socket 370 and ATX architecture. It supports Intel® Celeron™/ Pentium® III (FC-PGA) processors up to 933MHz. It has one AGP slot, one CNR slot and four DIMM slots for a maximum of 2GB SDRAM.

As it provides five PCI slots and one ISA slot on the same boards, 694D Pro-AI is ideal for both server and workstation systems. The ATA100 support extensively enhances the data transfer of the system and thereby the overall efficiency of the computer. IEEE1394 support is ideal for high-speed transfer or broadband devices, e.g., DV, storage media, DVD, scanner and printer. Comments on 694D Pro-AI in PC Direkt, 'it is a very attractive product among all dual CPU motherboards, the excellent extra features: very good CD software to enable better performance for VGA, base memory and processor.' Visit our site to learn more details about 694D Pro-AI. Source: PC Direkt, Germany, October 2000 issue.