815E Pro from MSI™ Product of the Year 2000 Computer DIY, Taiwan

Latest Update: Fri, 22 Dec 2000

With the outstanding R&D team, the exceptionally popular IntelR815E-based motherboard from MSI™ again receives the Product of the Year 2000 award from Computer DIY, Taiwan. Such an acclaim assures the quality of the product and the social recognition of the manufacturer.

Editors from the Computer DIY wrote, '...the ATX architecture based 815E Pro from MIS makes an extraordinary performance in the review with support to ATA-100 specification, six PCI slots, four DIMM slots and integrated AC'97 Codec for accurate audio output.

As a jumper-free motherboard, 815E Pro enables direct CUP clock and DIMM voltage adjustments from the BIOS. The Fuzzy Logic™ 2 in the BIOS provides multiple external frequency options. The fine-tuning at 1MHz between 66-166MHz even enables users to make the best efficiency and stability adjustment.' 8150E Pro provides an outstanding performance and excellent stability for overclocking. Together with Fuzzy Logic™ 2, Live BIOS™ and Smart D-LED™, the extra-value tools uniquely available from MSI, and competitive price, 8150E Pro is a motherboard of perfection.

Aiming at production of high quality and high efficiency products and adopting the traditions of ISO-9001 and ISO-14001, together with the efforts of the R&D team, MSI products have received numerous Product of Excellence awards from Taiwan and Best Buy and Editor's Choice honors from leading professional media worldwide. It is an assurance and recognition of the MSI achievements and experiences.