ESL Pro League S12 Is Heading to Its Scintillating Finals! MSI Calls on Global Fans to Share the Fun & Thrills

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ESL Pro League S12 Is Heading
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[Taipei, Taiwan] Due to the increasing epidemic and the continued travel ban in Europe, ESL Pro League Season 12, expected to be held in Malta originally, is now online, ensuring the health and safety of all staff and players. The ESL team applied virtual technology to their new studio, presenting eye-catching special effects during this season’s broadcasts. In addition to the enhanced broadcast features, MSI, the official gaming partner of ESL Pro League, once again provided a cutting-edge lineup of the latest gaming laptops for the analysts.

After the kickoff of the ESL Pro League Season 12 online, there are exciting matches broadcasted every day throughout September and into the first week of October. All professional gamers can be seen at home during gameplays as well as global fans have chance to show up themselves through ESL Fan Cam when watching the live streaming. Moreover, the exciting MSI Mystery Box is about to take place during the upcoming finals on October 2nd through October 4th. For gamers and fans around the world who want to win prizes sponsored by MSI, make sure you don’t miss the live streaming during the finals by tuning in to the ESL Twitch live channel at

In a Danish derby was played on Sep. 19, the Heroic vs. OG matchup. Heroic ranked 1st in world and the 4th in Europe Group A phase, while OG, their regional rivals, ranked the 7th as of now. For Heroic, each match is crucial to advance and more importantly, is the chance to defend their crown. In map one, OG started strong on the Terrorist side by winning the first three rounds and detonating three bombs, but TeSeS came back 9-6 and closed the first half for Heroic. In the second half, despite OG NBK managed to push the score to 12-11, Heroic gained the upper hand, led by TeSeS and cadiaN. In the end, Heroic took Inferno 16-12.

The series shifted to Nuke, Heroic played aggressively with exploding four bombs to take a convincing lead 6-1. Although ISSAA and mantuu were able to compete closely for OG, Heroic finished the first half at a 9-6 lead. ISSAA and Aleksib equalized the score at 9-9 after 3 rounds, which looked to stop Heroic's streak. However, Heroic continued to dominate by winning the remaining rounds, thanks to the stellar performance of TeSeS, cadiaN and niko. Finally, Heroic swept OG 16-9 on Nuke to seal the series at 2-0 and clinched a spot in the playoffs.

"Due to the uncontrolled COVID-19 epidemic, watching esports event at home is the only pleasure for global fans. The number of live streaming viewers reaches nearly 500,000 and is continuing to hit record highs. MSI calls on all fans to cheer up their esports teams for ESL Pro League Season 12 and to win the MSI Mystery Box," says Sam Chern, VP Marketing, MSI.

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