MSI Conquers COMPUTEX d&i Awards 2019

Latest Update:
MSI achieves 4 triumphs of various series products line-up!

[Taipei, Taiwan] The TOP leading hardwaare brand MSI once again suceed of surprising the world with outstanding products to represent the idea of innovation in nowadays. This year Computex d&i Awards 2019, claimed MSI wins 4 trophies of the Trident X series desktop, Gaming laptop GS75, Prestige PS341WU monitor and MS-9A79 Palm-Size Embedded Industrial Box PC for IIoT Solution.

"Every year MSI dedicates to show the world and the users what MSI can do. With all the effort, we gained spotlights in the world Gaming stage. 2019 MSI spirit is to create the BEST and the most innovative products for content creators, professional eSport gamers or industrial users with confidence and ambition. This year, MSI has proved we are capable to play well in not only Gaming but also industrial field. Overall, we can proudly say, "MSI has the strongest capability to fulfill users' imagination." " says Sam Chern, MSI Marketing Vice President.

MSI Trident X series Desktop

You are looking at the world’s smallest Gaming desktop PC with the 9th generation Intel K series CPU and NVIDIA RTX 20 series graphics card in 10ltr. With MSI exclusive Gaming OSD/ Dragon Center app and Monitor, user can optimize monitor settings with one-click. The Silent Storm Cooling technology divides the chassis into three individual chambers to keeping the system cool. The unique tempered glass side panel that makes upgrade process easy. The major components are also designed to be put on the side where the glass panel is. It provides high performance, extraordinary upgradability, offering solution to DIY gamers who enjoy small computers yet having trouble upgrading them.

MSI Gaming Laptop GS75

MSI GS75 has a fresh & stylish appearance that overturns the imagination of gaming laptop. The golden diamond-cutting trim set off its mysterious-black sandblasting finish, golden dragon shield, and brings out the elegant shape of the ventilation outlet from side to the back of laptop. Large area air inlet with window lattice design for the better thermal perf. MSI’ new technical integration makes GS75 not only has a powerful performance, but also has an incredibly slim body. Moreover, the Ultra-thin bezel design providing gamer a fully-wide viewing space.


MSI Prestige PS341WU Monitor

Creators always seek a perfect work, but what is perfect? The MSI Prestige PS341WU was inspired by the idea of perfect asymmetry. The Harlequin's Carnival, a painting by Joan Miró exhibiting perfect asymmetry is the best example. An asymmetrical circle and a curved line on the back of the Prestige PS341WU blends with the perfectly symmetrical square on the front – integrate the viewing experience into the life of creators and his/her friends or customers.

MSI MS-9A79 Palm-Size Embedded Industrial Box PC for IIoT Solution

MSI MS-9A79 first practice to use royal blue as appearance color, which breaks industrial PC traditional conservative image. Manufacturing process innovation: conquering aluminum anodizing that causes naturally partial off shade condition to get evenly color of all. Plus the MSI MS-9A79 industrial box design for all principle: high flexibility of anntennas combination and overall in palm size to fit in various space and overcome space limitation. It is an user-friendly design in functionality: grinding each sharp corner to ensure users will be free from incised wound. All the innovation technology and manufaturing process had pilot run and turned mass production to reach high extent of finish.


  • Venue: 4th Floor, Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
  • Booth1: L0818 / Gaming & XR Area
  • Venue: 1th Floor, Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
  • Booth2: K0616 / Industrial IoT & Embedded Solutions Area
  • Date: Tue, May 28 - Sat, June 1, 2019
  • Time: 9:30 - 18:00