MSI the pioneer in VR Gaming crowns winners of VR JAM January 24th, come to witness fabulous VR Gaming masterpieces and outstanding honorees with awesome prizes at Syntrend!

Latest Update:
[MSI, HQ] The latest MSI VR JAM Awards were announced! MSI VR JAM offered motivators to encourage VR game developers creating magnificent VR games. MSI has achieved another milestone in gaming. MSI was honored to host the VR JAM with the official partner, the Institute for Information Industry(III), to build a preliminary judge panel. Over 600 teams from 72 countries were evaluated by professionals from a variety of fields and MSI’s expertise. Through the series of judging process, the competition was extremely fierce and worth waiting for the outcome.

Highlights the winners of MSI VR JAM: The 1st place – “Block Rocking Beats” which creates the extraordinary interactive rhythm game application, the author is Sander Sneek from Netherlands. The 2nd place – “Mass Exodus” belongs to the team of Dan Knight and Ben Barton from England whose work has delivered the stimulating adventure movie scene. The 3rd place – “Derail Valley” is highly praised by rail fans made by Serbia winners Slobodan Stevic and Nenad Ognjanovic. Finally, the most popular community’s choice award which perfectly displays the gaming setting with futuristic design and cool weapon as lightsaber in Star Wars drives all VR gamers crazy.
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Over the world, MSI awards excellent VR Jammer to accelerate the best VR experience for all gamers!
MSI VR JAM is the biggest VR JAM for worldwide VR Game developers. MSI teamed up with Intel, the world leading processors vendor; Unity, the mainstream game development engine, UploadVR, WEARVR, the leaders in VR technologies, and Institute for Information Industry(III). “In the competition entries, we discovered many wonderful creative contents from numerous developers; VR JAM is a driving force in VR ecosystem that further adds to its sparkle and vitality. With MSI's core faith of commitment and dedication to the best and innovative gaming experience, MSI is glad to look forward to more amazing VR JAM works and is willing to be the promoter of the VR games,” said MSI Marketing director Sam Chern. What is "Jam" spirit?

"Jam" shares the same creative application as “Game Jam”, the main purpose of the activity is to stimulate creativity and develop participants’ potential through limited time, shortage of resource and techniques support. In an extremely short time, participants have to provoke effective exchanging experience by finding partners with the same ideas. Meanwhile, team members feedback and learn from strong opponents to finish the entire game, sharing the spirit of Jammer to build VR works on the cutting edge of technology trend. As the leading brand of the gaming industry, MSI is always ahead of others in meeting gamers’ needs by encouraging innovative solutions and providing the stylish, slim and powerful gaming rigs for all gamers.

The total prize pool for MSI VR JAM competition will exceed 80,000 USD, with high bounty for the top three winners being 30,000 USD, 25,000 USD, and 15,000 USD respectively. Part of the prizes pool are MSI high-end hardware products, the newest MSI GP62M VR gaming laptop, Aegis X gaming desktop, Intel X99 A GAMING PRO CARBON motherboard, GeForce GTX 1070 ARMOR 8G OC graphics card and so on. Furthermore, the best is yet to come, MSI will also be giving away the world's smallest VR-Ready gaming desktop "Trident" as a special prize for the winner of the Community’s Choice Award!

MSI VR JAM Awards Info
Date: Tuesday 24th January, 2017
Charge : Free
Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Venue: Syntrend, 5F Clapper Studio
Location: No.2, Sec. 3, Civic Blvd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan.

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