Create With RTX – Prestige P100 Series Certified by NVIDIA RTX Studio

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Think Out of the Box, Then Out of the World

Prestige P100 Series is loaded with the most powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs. Designed and tested specifically for creative workflows, it is capable of up to 8K video, real-time ray tracing, and AI-assisted features. Creators will easily be able to work with the best out-of-box experience for them. Prestige P100 with NVIDIA RTX Studio Driver provides unlocked performance boosts and new features in creative apps, providing artists, creators and 3D developers the best performance and reliability, all certificated by NVIDIA RTX Studio.
With a Pearl White or Carbon Gray finish, the P100 Series has a very clean look. It looks like something found at a mid-century furniture store or an air purifier with a stylish modern art style. Mid-century modern is a design movement for interior, product, graphic, architecture, and urban development from 1933 to 1965, which is now recognized by scholars worldwide as a historically significant design style. It showcases simplicity, color, and nature. The unique triangle geometry design highlighted by a rose-gold edge on top resembles Prestige P100 to a galactic nebula equipped with the best thermal solution and aesthetics. This is the design concept of MSI Prestige P100. Instead of only making a “high-end PC”, we also like to be part of the creators’ life with a stylish and luxurious design. Shape the World with Inspirations.

The Best Never Becomes the Best With An Easy Journey

Creativity stems from details. Every creator deserves honor for their artistic works which come from an extremely rigorous process. The MSI Prestige P100, with a rigorous but stylish design, was born out of respect to those creators. Prestige P100 is what creators need. It helps users create with acceleration, precision, and attention. Whether it is for a visual artist, a 2D / 3D content creator, or a fashion streamer, the Prestige P100 series is certainly the most dedicated creative center there is. This masterpiece designed for the most intense rendering, multitasking with 8K resolution, and the smoothest real-time preview with the most innovative thermal module for CPU, GPU & PSU is specially introduced through precisely calculated aerodynamics to provide the smoothest cooling airflow.
Prestige P100 series make your workflow faster than ever. Can you imagine that P100 can make your rendering 26 times faster? Can you imagine that P100 can render a 3D HUD effect that comes with a 3.3GB file size in less than 2 mins? Creator Center, the MSI exclusive software, with NVIDIA RTX Studio GPU acceleration brings this magic power to creators. Through the Creator Center, Creators can easily customize, allocate and optimize the hardware to prioritize and boost the performance of those applications that creators use every day to provide the most intuitive creating experience.

Easily and Smartly Upgrade the Tools for Your Art

Generally, a traditional "high-end PC" mostly focuses on hardware specifications only. To solve these problems encountered by creators, the MSI Prestige P100 Series separates the air-flow and chambers for the CPU, GPU, and PSU to design an exclusive cooling module to maximize the heat dissipation efficiency and optimize performance required by creators. It provides the best solution with the latest Intel Core i9-9900K with air-cooling and NVDIA RTX 2080Ti Graphics that make Prestige P100 compact and stylish, instead of using a traditional liquid-cooling that needs a huge chassis. Creators can create without worrying, MSI Prestige P100 Series will handle everything.
"Fear" or "too much hassle" is the biggest obstacle encountered when creators want to upgrade their computers. A tool-free thumbscrew design brings an easily upgradable hardware solution to creators when they enjoy the performance of the latest hardware. Just open the side-covers and upgrade everything.
Prestige P100 was born to unleash creators' originality and unlimited creative vision. Sleek, slim, and powerful, the Prestige P100 is a Creator's dream desktop, certified by NVIDIA RTX Studio.

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