2018 IESF ft. MSI Grand Opening in Kaohsiung
Over 500 players and 50 countries fight for the glory!

Latest Update:
[Taipei, Taiwan] International eSports Federation (IESF) has over billions of attention around the world. IESF has the name of the eSport Olympic. The 10th IESF will be held in Kaohsiung Arena, Taiwan, in November. This is the very first time for Taiwan to host an international eSports competition. This year the host has invited several well-known pop singers to impress all the eSports fans in order to build the carnival event. 2018 International eSports Federation (IESF) in Kaohsiung is a perfect chance for Taiwan eSports industry and the gaming brand MSI together to welcome eSports fans around the world for the incredible shows and witness the world-class players in competitions to make history.

Spotlight on 2018 IESF stage, matches of Counter Strike(CS:GO), League of Legend(LOL) and Tekken 7 are about to break out. MSI is standing by to be with pro-players and fans to join the battlefield.

"MSI is the True Gaming brand in the world. Featuring outstanding performance and stability, the MSI GAMING Series catch gamers' desire for victory in every competition. Many pro-eSports teams recommend MSI GAMING hardware on hardcore training," says Sam Chern, MSI Global Marketing Asssistant Vice President. "In response to 2018 IESF requirement of hardware, MSI proudly provide Aegis 3 GAMING Desktop, B450 TOMAHAWK GAMING Motherboard and the GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming VR X 6G GAMING Graphics Card, to enable players giving the best performance in matches with the most powerful equipments." Also, the award-winning MSI GT75 GAMING Notebook will be displayed at the Taiwan Excellence Awards booth." Welcome all the eSport fans to join the fabulous 2018 IESF in Kaohsiung!

MSI official recommendation equipment in 2018 International eSports Federation (IESF):

MSI B450 TOMAHAWK Motherboard: Dominated Gaming World

B450 TOMAHAWK perfectly demonstrates stronger, tougher and heavier design. Equipped with exclusive MSI features for gamers, the Extended heatsink design is definitely the best thermal solution to keep the temperature in check. Core Boost features a highly optimized design and premium layout, ensuring faster and undistorted power delivery to the CPU at pinpoint precision. B450 TOMAHAWK also allows further customization such as a sticker area that allows gamers to apply their favorite stickers.


MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming VR X 6G :
Recommendation of the International eSport Competition

MSI TWIN FROZR VI thermal Design raises the bar of Graphics Card air cooling. TORX Fan 2.0 is the enhanced version of the patented MSI TORX Fan technology which generates 22% more air pressure for better cooling performance while further reducing noise levels. Connected to the huge heatsink are up to 8mm thick copper heat pipes with a squared shape at the bottom for optimal heat transfer from the solid nickel-plated copper baseplate combined with premium thermal compound X to keep the Pascal powerhouse cool.


MSI Aegis 3 : Avantgarde design for heavy-load performance

Aegis 3 GAMING Desktop attracts players with not only the appearance, the exclusive lighting mode in the dark is the glorious weapon of the strong. The 8th Intel Core i7-8700 processor and GTX 1060 6GB graphics card, equipped 2nd generation of silent storm cooling system with exclusive independent air chamber thermal design, effectively maintains system stability. Built-in Audio Boost 3 - The 3rd generation sound technology, Nahimic 3 sound reinforcement technology, tough GAMING specifications enable players to show their best.


MSI GT75 GAMING Notebook : Powerful Monster of Gaming Battlefield

The GT75 Titan is the first gaming laptop features Intel Core i9 processors. With the MSI exclusive Cooler Boost Titan cooling design, the fully unlocked 6-core, 12-thread configuration releases its full potential. The combination has contributed a 70% performance leap over the previous Core i7. The extra cores are especially beneficial for gamers who stream their gameplay, or for advanced multitasking workload. The Rapid Mechanical RGB keyboard has been the core of the flagship since its first launch. The innovation offers optimum tactile feedback and is built for fast and responsive action. In addition to the 10Gbps Killer Ethernet, the GT75 also features the latest Killer Wifi, gamers can enjoy smooth and lag-free gaming experience with or without plugging into Ethernet.

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