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On March 7th, a delegation from the University of California, Riverside (UCR), led by Chancellor Kim Wilcox, visited MSI Headquarters in Taipei. During the visit, the UCR delegation experienced MSI's innovative products, including the leading global gaming, creation and business series, as well as witnessed MSI's application of AIoT in various fields, such as IPC, AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), and EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). The visit also provided an opportunity for both parties to engage in academic exchanges related to cross-border talent cultivation, ESG issues, and smart technology, while also initiating future collaboration plans.

UCR Visited MSI Headquarters

During the visit, the UCR delegation expressed great interest in MSI's product portfolio, including laptops, graphics cards, monitors, motherboards, and desktop computers, in addition to being amazed by the immersive gaming experience. They also highly praised MSI's IPC products, which combine efficiency and quality, as well as the AMR, which are widely used in manufacturing and logistics, and EVSE electric vehicle charging stations, which are a key focus for future development. Among these, EVSE was a highlight of the visit, as it is MSI's patented technology in the field of electric vehicle charging, offering users a high-efficiency and safe charging experience with the most complete software, hardware and financial audits solutions.

Chancellor Kim Wilcox said, "We were impressed by the product demonstrations at MSI, and they have done an excellent job in applying cutting-edge technology and promoting their brand. We hope to engage in more in-depth exchanges and collaborations in academic exchanges and talent cultivation in the future."

"UCR is an internationally renowned university with a strong academic background. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to exchange with the UCR delegation, and we believe this visit will help us provide better products and services for our customers," said David Wu, General Manager of the Customization Platform Solution Business Division at MSI.