[Las Vegas, Nevada] The 2010 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) officially opens on January 7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The world's leading IT manufacturer MSI struts its stuff.

MSI's boutique-class Wind U160 and X-Slim X620 in its range of notebooks equipped with the latest high-performance platforms have won the German iF Product Design Award. The company's million-unit commemorative model Wind U135 and Wind Top AIO computers, as well as the latest concept products, are once again attracting global attention. News of success is coming from MSI's booth at the CES exhibition halls where crowds are gathering!

MSI's full range of new products shine at CES 2010. The best-performing quad-core gaming notebooks CT740 and GT640, equipped with the Intel® Core™ i7 processor, and the MSI GX640, GX740, which are outfitted with the Intel® Core™ i5 processor, constantly rock the exhibition halls with help from world-renowned gaming teams.

MSI's latest G and GE Series notebooks are equipped with the fiercest and the best audio and video performance, which allows players to breeze through the levels in their favorite games. What's more, the powerful audio and visual performance presented by MSI's G series and GE Series notebooks has also captivated the press as well as the general public.

MSI has crafted the all-new Wind U160 netbook and X-Slim X620 notebook with superb technology, insisting on the best. The models' light, slim and beautiful profiles have made laptops not only technological but fashionable products as well. Moreover, these two notebooks were able to garner a great deal of support even before they became available on the market, winning an iF product design award, the German "Oscars of the Design World"!

The grand live debut of U160 and X620 at CES 2010 has become the focal point of press coverage, and the notebooks have enchanted participants at the exhibition.

With a solid R&D, innovative and manufacturing strength, MSI became the very first vendor to launch products based on Intel's latest Arrandale notebook platform and Pine Trail netbook platform. MSI received endorsements from Vice President Navin of Intel's Global Marketing at the CES, where he officially recommended MSI's new products to the world's fans of technology products. The latest MSI notebook also brought ASUSTek Computer chairman Johnny Shih to the msi exhibition at CES. He was looking and researching the stylish X-Slim series, including the X-Slim X620, proud winner of the German iF Product Design Award.

MSI is leading the technology trend, and in the latest CES show, it is also displaying the ultra-thin full-color e-book with HD high-resolution display, dual touch-screen e-book, as well as today's hottest 3D laptop and wireless charging technology, demonstrating MSI's R&D capabilities to the world. These new concept products also fully illustrate MSI's customer-centric and attentive research and development philosophy.

Not only have MSI's notebooks and All-In-One PCs continued to make record-breaking sales, the beautiful and elegant MSI Show Girls are also the focus of the public and the media alike at the exhibition. With the presence of MSI's glamorous Show Girls, MSI's booth is glistening with activities and fanfare.

The special live events at the MSI booth continued one after another, attracting a huge wave of participants in unprecedented number. This demonstrates that MSI's notebook products are the "First Choice in Performance, Ultimate in Audiovisual Capabilities," and will continue to shine brightly in the world of technology in 2010!