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[Global announcement] MSI, a leading manufacturer of PC hardware, announces the Money in Black Friday promotion, starting from November 18th, 2022 (00:01 local time) to November 27th, 2022 (23:59 local time). In the era of rapidly climbing inflation, MSI creates a simple consumer personality test to make users realize what kind of consumer they are and recommend the best PC Setup Black Friday deal to fit personal spending habits. Furthermore, users have a chance to win a $20 steam voucher as long as they finish the quiz.

Money Black Friday

Inflation is rising and the prospect of a cost-of-living crisis looms for many people around the world. Therefore, spending money wisely is a trend of life! In order to manage money in a smart way, MSI has released a consumer personality test aligning user's spending habits with what matters most to them.

As users evaluate their spending habits, it's essential to match personal priorities to make the money worthwhile. Within the different consumer types, MSI has prepared the most suitable black Friday deals based on the final quiz result for end users. In this test, users will not only realize their own consumer type, but also save the money to get the desktop and monitor they really need without any waste. After taking a questionnaire and filling out the lucky draw form, users will have a chance to win a $20 Steam code. Meanwhile, MSI also invites users to share the quiz results on social media and check if any consumer types as same as people around you! The lucky draw result will be announced on November 29th 2022 on the landing page and 30 lucky winners will be informed via registered email.

Take a personality to check what kind of consumer type you're and win a prize:

Besides, MSI offers more special programs for consumers currently. For more information in detail, you can refer to the promotion page.

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