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MSI 98M3

MS-98M3 is the embedded 3.5” SBC that supports multiplexing with 11th generation Intel® IOTG Core™ processor, codenamed Tiger Lake-UP3 series of ultra-low power and high-performance products, providing the industry with more reliability and high durability with lower power consumption under the same workload. It has up to four-screen display functions and a rich variety of high and low-speed I/O connection interfaces. The unique heat dissipation design is strong, durable and highly reliable. The wide temperature series can support long-term stable operation in the harsh operating temperature environment of -40~+85°C.

It can be widely used in harsh industrial environments, and provide stable computing performance, which can be deployed in industries ranging from the most edge computing to various Embedded platforms such as machine control and multimedia retail and the high-performance edge computing application products are the core of digital transformation, and how to continuously strengthen their capabilities has become more and more important. Power consumption is intended to realize energy-saving and carbon-reducing applications of various edge high-performance computing, and actively deploy in multiple application fields such as autonomous mobile robots (AMR).

Excellent CPU Provides more Powerful Performance

MS-98M3 is equipped with MSI's proprietary heat dissipation design solution, which uses pure copper combined with aluminum heat sink to conduct high heat of the processor and chipset in real time, and realizes rapid heat dissipation based on a fanless design. The heatsink itself, combined with a proprietary screw set, automatically adjusts and eases the adhesion between the device and the processor and chipset to maintain close contact for more efficient heat transfer, so the MS-98M3 SBC is equipped with Core i7 processor of the highest level can also work stably and normally at a wide temperature of -40~+85°C and wide voltage, and ensure safety and reliability under long-term operation. Good vibration resistance also enables long-term reliable operation in industrial applications susceptible to shock and vibration.

Specification Design Has Introduced Optimized and Upgraded Various I/O Interfaces

In order to meet the demand trend of Industrial Internet of Things and edge computing, this single board computer series has been equipped with upgraded high-speed I/O interfaces and multiple The latest M.2 expansion interface, such as M.2 M-key supports PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe SSD, the storage read and write speed is nearly 5 times faster than the traditional SATA-3.0 interface, the new M.2 B-key interface design It supports the latest 5G wireless modules to greatly improve the transmission capacity in the field of edge applications. With the significant improvement in the computing performance of the processor and I/O interface, it will bring substantial benefits to the realization of industrial applications that optimize the integration of edge big data in the Industrial Internet of Things.

MS-98M3 once again leads the industry in providing 2 sets of built-in display output LVDS (2K) and eDP (4K) resolution interface display directly on high-end single board computer products, suitable for multi-tasking such as machine vision and digital signage and retail market systems the project requires the application field of dual display.

MSI AMR-AI-PJ-UVGI Robot Was Robot Verified by Texcell/France to Effectively Inactivate the New SARS-COV2 Virus within Seconds under Research Conditions

Active AI air-switching sterilization function and surface disinfection body safety protection mechanism with mutual voice and light prompts, to achieve safe coexistence and mutual collaboration between humans and robots. To use next-generation LDS module and Intel RealSense Depth Camera for self-identified map surveying, smart route planning, accurate geotagging and performing real-time analysis of the site environment by calculating complex data, avoiding barriers easily and realizing fully autonomous navigation. With 253.7nm wavelength UVGI ultraviolet germicidal irradiation light energy, no need to use chemicals, will not produce surface pollution, can disinfect the air pathogens, mold, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, through the UVGI light illumination to directly destruct and decompose, and finally released disease-free bacteria, microorganisms clean air, to achieve a comprehensive purification of the air.

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