Members of the MSI Reward Program Eligible for a Complimentary 90-day trial of Norton™ 360 for Gamers

Norton™ 360 for Gamers

MSI, the world’s leading gaming hardware manufacturer, is working with Norton Life Lock, a global leader in consumer Cyber Safety, to bring advanced, multi-layered protection to PC Gamers by offering a complimentary 90-day trial of Norton™ 360 for Gamers to members of its MSI Reward Program1. Just as MSI believes in giving gamers the tools they need to win virtual battles, the company wants to help shield gamers from threats in the cyber-world. In working with Norton, MSI can provide gamers with the protection they need to help defend against today’s cyber threats with advanced features such as Game Optimizer which maximizes gaming performance and access to Norton™ Crypto2, which helps make it safer and easier to mine cryptocurrency.

MSI is focused on designing the best products for gamers, whether it’s a complete gaming desktop, a gaming motherboard, a graphics card, a gaming monitor, liquid cooling, or even peripherals and gaming furniture – the goal has always been to deliver the most immersive gaming experience. As the number of gamers has steadily increased in recent years, so have the cyber threats directed at them. Threats can range from malware that can steal game accounts to those that slow down even the most powerful hardware to a crawl. While MSI takes care of the hardware side of things, additional protection is needed to help keep gaming PCs safe from viruses, ransomware, and many other types of malware.

Anyone from casual to hardcore gamers can easily be targeted when gaming online, downloading/uploading files, browsing, or using unsecured Wi-Fi. Gamers often wonder how they can play games in a safe environment, how they can protect their PCs and other connected devices from threats, and how they can secure their game libraries and digital assets. To help gamers stay safe, MSI has teamed up with Norton to provide a 90-day complimentary trial of Norton 360 for Gamers for members of the MSI Reward Program, plus 25 reward points for new members.

Norton 360 for Gamers offers advanced multi-layered protection with features designed to meet the unique security needs of PC gamers without hindering the gaming experience. The company recently unveiled Game Optimizer or “GO,” a new feature that helps maximize gaming performance by freeing PCs from power-hungry programs to help ensure all available computing power is allocated to the game for better performance3,4.

Starting today, gamers in eligible regions, including France, Germany, Korea, Spain, and Taiwan, can join the MSI Reward Program to gain access to the complimentary trial of Norton 360 for Gamers, while also getting a chance to win Sweepstake prizes like a brand-new MSI Gaming Monitor, Gaming Chair, and a 1-year subscription to Norton 360 for Gamers.

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*Eligible regions to get a free trial version: France, Germany, Korea, Spain, Taiwan.

*No one can prevent all cybercrime or identity theft.
1. Not available in all countries. Eligible regions: France, Germany, Korea, Spain and Taiwan.
2. Not available in all countries. Norton 360 customers may require certain PC hardware to use this service. Enrollment in the early adopter program is required to access this feature.
3. As of April 2021, Norton Life Lock currently monitors for the following game launchers: Bethesda, Blizzard, Epic, ID, Origin, Rockstar, Steam, Uplay.
4. Norton 360 for Gamers’ full suite of features are available on Windows, excluding Windows 10 in S mode and Windows running on an ARM processor, with 4 or more core processors.