MSI, a world leader in gaming and creator hardware, is announcing an initiative to encourage healthy gaming habits and to catch any health issues early. Play games, but responsibly.

Thanks to partnerships with global health brands and some of our own carefully designed products, MSI is delighted to present a campaign that promotes a comfortable and healthy gaming experience for gamers around the world.

MSI Announces Campaign and Grand Raffle to Encourage Healthy Gaming!

You come back home after a tiring workday and the only thing that you look forward to at the end of it is an escape into your room to get on a long gaming session. But gaming the night away can negatively impact your mental and physical health, sometimes permanently.

Think if any, or all the following, sound like you (or someone close to you):

• Powering through strained, often aching eyes, to get at that enemy in front of you.
• Elevated stress levels from the need to get a win. There are 4 levels of stress for your reference:
- Feeling unexpectedly emotional at times.
- Unexplained irritability towards everyone around you.
- Unjustified aggression towards everyone who interacts with you.
- Forgetfulness and lack of concentration on school/work.
• You feel like you have low energy throughout the day, have an upset stomach frequently, and even notice serious weight gain due to stress eating.

When the situation becomes serious, you should immediately adjust your lifestyle. Today, our focus is on products that will help you do just that – one step at a time.

So, how do you begin?

• Improve ambient lighting in your room. An easy way to do this is installing MSI LED Lux atop your monitor. Watch as it drives blur and darkness away in an instant to ensure a comfortable gaming experience for your eyes.

• Monitor your health metrics at all times. Access to accurate health data is critical to your overall well-being.MSI has partnered with Garmin to bring gamers the Garmin Instinct Esports Edition Smartwatch. Both hardcore e-sports players and casual gamers can benefit from monitoring your health status with esports activity function during the game and tracking your heart rate, stress levels, body battery as well as various activity tracking at any time, and trying to move towards a more active, healthy lifestyle!

• Whether you’re gaming or lounging around, maintain good posture. The MSI CH130 X Gaming Chair’s ergonomic design helps support both your legs and back for a comfortable sitting experience when you’re gaming or lounging.

• Take periodic breaks from staring at a screen. A small reprieve for your eyes every 30 minutes can help reduce mental stress as well as ease the strain on your eyes. Again, the MSI CH130 Gaming Chair can help you out with its fully reclinable backrest. Close your eyes, recline, and take a break as often as you can.

Health is more valuable than most people realize. MSI would love to promote and encourage a healthier lifestyle among gamers so we can all have a wonderful life that’s free of any health issues.

To this end, MSI is also announcing a grand raffle that will give lucky gamers the tools you need to get started on this journey. MSI fans can register for the MSI Reward Program to enter!

Log in to your MSI Reward Program dashboard and complete the “I will carry you Survey form.” That’s it! A total of 16 winners will stand to win the prizes listed below:

• 1 Winner will receive an MPG ARTYMIS 343CQR Gaming Monitor.

For more information in detail, you can refer to the event page:
MSI Reward Program:
MSI Announces Campaign and Grand Raffle to Encourage Healthy Gaming!