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[Taipei, Taiwan] MSI, a world leading brand in gaming, adds the innovative Console Mode to its MSI App Player, an Android emulator works with the best-known BlueStacks. Console Mode provides the console-like experience to PC with the intuitive design for mainstream wired or wireless controllers. The new UI also offers hotkey customization for hardcore mobile gamers to enhance the game win rates.

"To meet the needs of high-end mobile gamers, MSI teams up with BlueStacks to transform PC into the best mobile gaming device. With the new Console Mode function in MSI App Player, MSI's latest GAMING line-ups will provide mobile gamers better performance, larger display, more precise control and gaming fun," said Sam Chern, MSI Marketing Vice President.

MSI App Player

Enjoy Ultra High FPS in Playing Mobile Games

Due to hardware limitations, players mostly only have 60FPS gaming experience on mobile phone. MSI App Player offers a seamless gaming quality up to 240FPS support between mobile and PC and more.

Play Mobile Games as Console with Controller

Playing mobile games on TV is not intuitive enough, distracting players to “see” the buttons on the phone screen. MSI App Player’s Console mode rather provides a native way to play with various controllers in the market, the best solution for playing mobile games in the living room.

Play Multiple Games at the Same Time

Run multiple games simultaneously with no confusion and compromise. It provides performance tuning through Multi-Instance Manager to better fit diverse circumstances in each instance.

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