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【Taipei-Taiwan】CeBIT, the upcoming global computer tradeshow, will run from March 2 to March 6 in Hannover, Germany. A number of innovative technologies and new products from MSI, the world-renowned graphics card and motherboard manufacturer, will be on display at the show. By extending the same concept of product design, MSI utilizes its 20-year R&D experience to develop the new Easy OC Technology, OC Genie. Combining OC Genie's press-button and dedicated overclocking processor, no complicated setup and professional overclocking skill are required to boost up to 45% performance in 1 second. And also, on MSI AMD 800 platform motherboards, OC Genie Lite 3D-overclocking technology is applied to overclock CPU and iGPU frequency by only one step. Both of them can highly-increase the system performance without any extra cost, and are undoubtedly the most advanced and easy-to-use technologies in the world.

Automatic Overclocking Processor
OC Genie technology is equipped on MSI P55 motherboards for the first time and will totally change consumers’ impression of complicated process and high risk about overclocking. With OC Genie Processor and OC Genie Button, no hardware modification and BIOS setup are required. Just press the OC Genie button, OC Genie Processor will automatically detect the best overclocking settings of CPU / Memory / iGPU and completely avoid complicated BIOS tweaking and possible hardware damage causes by overclocking failure. Compared to 10~30 minutes try and error of traditional overclocking method, user only need 1 second to get up to 45% instant performance boost with OC Genie.

Boost whole System Performance
Most of the overclocking technologies are focus on based clock adjustment of CPU. MSI OC Genie technology not only adjusts clock of CPU and Memory, but also optimizes their voltage settings to increase overclocking stability and margin substantially. Otherwise, memory optimization can avoid system instability which is caused by inappropriate memory settings and in the meantime find the best setting to boost full system performance.

OC Genie Lite: 3D Overlcokcing Technology
This awesome OC Genie overclocking technology surely has been applied not only to MSI P55 product line but to MSI H55/H57 and Big Bang series motherboards. Otherwise, MSI also implement OC Genie Lite on its AMD platform motherboards: just enable the OC Genie Lite option in the BIOS menu, it will overclock the frequency of CPU and iGPU automatically and boost performance. MSI OC Genie series technologies ensure all consumers can enjoy the performance and convenience in a few seconds.