MSI™ Introducing Intel® 850 Motherboard -- 850 Pro2

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Providing high quality products and excellent customer service has always been MSI™'s foremost goal. MSI™ today announced its new Pentium® 4 motherboard 850 Pro2 featuring the 850 chipset from Intel®. The 850 Pro2 now supports ICH2 on its South bridge chipset. MSI™'s 850 Pro2 motherboard conforms to the ATX form factor and is fully capable of delivering the high frequency and excellent performance of the Pentium® 4 processor.

The 850 Pro2 applies the Socket 423 specification from Intel®. The new Socket 423 architecture is developed by Intel® to further enhance functions and features on top of the previous Socket 370 architecture. Based on Intel®'s QDR (Quad Data Rate) technology, the data transfer rate between the chipset and the processor can reach as high as 3.2GB/sec, avoiding data congestion in the processor, and accelerating the data communication between subsystems. The chipset and the memory bus apply Dual Channel technology, increasing data transfer rate to 3.2GB/sec as well, boosting the data processing speed!

Expansion slots are available for 4x PCI, 1x CNR, and 1 AGP/ AGP Pro 4x Port. 4 RIMM slots support up to 2GB of system memory, enabling higher bus speed, bandwidth and system performance. With support for features such as the Suspend to RAM/Disk, D-LED™ and MSI™'s famous PC Alert™ III hardware monitoring software, the 850 Pro2 provides a complete solution for system manageability.

The 850 Pro2 sets a new benchmark in PC performance and is optimized to take full advantage of the latest Intel® processor technology. With a design rich in features and specifications, the 850 Pro2 will surely be appraised by computer users. The major features of the 850 Pro2 includes:


Supports USB PC2PC connection:
Users just need to own MSI™ motherboard that supports this feature by using one USB cable it could easy conduct data transfer and back up, Internet access, Peripheral sharing, Net Meeting, Ethernet Emulation, Home Networking and Mobile Computing.

Supports Ultra ATA100
The Ultra ATA100 accelerates data transfer speed and provides excellent and faster connection for IDE devices.

Supports Fuzzy Logic™3
A smart automatic overclocking tool exclusively available from MSI™, Fuzzy Logic™3 automatically adjusts the CPU to its best condition in real time under the OS to accomplish the overclocking function with AI. While system hanging is a common experience in overclocking, Fuzzy Logic™3 will detect the problem and automatically restart the system, making the system always run at its best.

D-LED™ has a combination of 4 LED lights signals to represent 16 different troubleshooting functions during boot up, allowing users to find the cause of any possible failure quickly and easily.

PC Alert™ III
This useful software detects system temperature, the status of voltage, fans and all other key components onboard. If any problem occurs, it will alert the user to correct the problem, reducing the risk of system damage.

Supports 3D PCI Audio; offers cost effective sound

STR(Suspend to RAM)
With STR function, system configuration data is saved onto the system memory when the system is set into suspend mode. The system memory is sustained with minimum electrical power to avoid data loss. When the system is reset back to full operation mode, the original configuration status is restored in just a few seconds.

Supports 4 USB Ports

PC 99 and PCI 2.2 Specification Compliant and Certified

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