MSI™ received excellent product review for MSI™ G3 Pro-VT64D and G2Pro Plus-T64D Graphic Accelerator

Latest Update:

MSI™ motherboards are noted for their great performance and excellent stability and MSI™ graphic accelerators are no exception. MSI™ consistently wins honors in reviews and recommendations in the computer media throughout the world. In July 2001, the MSI™ G3 Pro-VT64D has recently received high recognition from PC Praxis Magazine (where G3 Pro-VT64D (MS-8822) was given Editor's Award) of Germany and PC Magazine (where G2 Pro Plus-T64D (MS-8831) was given Best of Testing Award) of Greece. The following are reviews from the magazine editors about the two graphic accelerators:

The G3 Pro-VT64D (MS-8822) is based on the nVIDIA® GeForce3™ graphic processor and equips with 64MB DDR memory. Combining with the latest nFiniteFX™ Engine / Lightspeed Memory Architecture™ technology from nVIDIA®, the G3 Pro-VT64T will sure to bring you the latest features available in 3D graphics technology. Editors from PC Praxis Magazine of Germany remarked*: The MSI™ G3 Pro-VT64D performed very well in our test.

Not only the board's stability looks very impressive, so does the whole package!

MSI™ includes MSI™ DVD and 3D!Turbo™ utilities in the package. With the power of MSI™ DVD, home cinema and video entertainment center become available immediately. The MSI™ 3D!Turbo™ is another useful utility, it provides the adjustments for such as higher refresh rate, and other auto detect functions.

Based on the nVIDIA® GeForce2™ Pro graphic processor, the G2Pro Plus-T64D (MS-8831) also equips with 64MB high-speed DDR memory. Editors from PC Magazine of Greece remarked**: The G2Pro Plus-T64D is full of features. The results we obtained from our testing, including both scores derived from standard 3D testing benchmark tools and experiences with running high end games and applications, lead us to conclude that the MSI G2Pro Plus-T64D is indeed the fastest and best Geforce3™ based graphics adapter we have tested so far.

Its stability and increased performance allow us to feel secure in recommending the MSI™ G2Pro Plus-T64D as a great choice if you're looking to upgrade to Geforce2 Pro performance.

If you would like to learn more about MSI™ G3 Pro-VT64D and G2Pro Plus-T64D graphic accelerators, please visit MSI™ website at .