MSI™ Own Creation: Fuzzy Logic™ 3 AI Speeding up Tool Lets you enjoy the comfort of automatic Speed

Latest Update:

What is "Speeding up"? Many people have heard about the term but very few really understand its usage. Based on the concept of simplifying the procedure, MSI™ has created and developed a smarter speeding up tool: "Fuzzy Logic™ 3".

MSI™'s Fuzzy Logic™ 3 speeding up tool is a utility tool developed fully on MSI™'s own using Artificial Intelligence. The utility allows power users optimizing the processor speed and frequency ratio directly under the user-friendly Windows® environment. The Fuzzy Logic™ 3 Artificial Intelligent speeding up tool also brings you the following functions:

Smart Speed up (No Need to Restart)
Fuzzy Logic™ 3 provides enhanced mode for experienced users to automatically detect the stability of the processor. Whenever the system presents any abnormality during speeding up process, Fuzzy Logic™ 3 would automatically detect it and user could adjust the settings without restarting the system.

Easy to Use
Novice users could choose the "Auto" selection and the optimum settings will be automatically adjusted. Speeding up has never been such easy. Even a DIY user who never experienced speeding up process can easily enjoy the pleasure of speeding up.

Automatic and Manual
Targeting experienced users, Fuzzy Logic™ 3 is a convenient automatic speeding up utility. The tool provides both automatic and manual modes, completely simplifies the previous tedious procedures and tests, fully satisfying powers users' demand for speeding up.

Easy Interface
Fuzzy Logic ™ 3 uses a clear and easy to use interface, providing the status and information of the processor to the user. User is not only enjoying the convenience but also in full control of the process.

Developed Solely by MSI™
Fuzzy Logic™ 3 Artificial Intelligent speeding up tool is a utility developed solely by MSI™. MSI™ has been listening to customers' feedbacks and created the utility in order to satisfy our users needs. MSI™ understands the needs of the customers and users, and the Fuzzy Logic™ 3 utility tool is another example of MSI™'s efforts.

Currently, MSI™'s K7T Pro2 motherboard product is included with Fuzzy Logic™ 3. The smart utility tool needs to be operated on MSI™'s motherboard products. We invite you to enjoy the comfort and pleasure of speeding up.

To know further about Fuzzy Logic™ 3 Artificial Intelligent speeding up tool, please log on to MSI™'s global web site at: