Dynamic OverClocking Express MSI GeFORCE™ NX6600GT & NX6600 Series

Latest Update:

Revolutionary Dynamic PCI Express Overclocking
MSI ignites the cinematic computing revolution with the introduction of the most powerful interface of PCI Express GeFORCE™ NX6600GT & NX6600 family!!! With 4GB per second data transferring rate, the ultra speed PCI Express conquers the ultimate 3D frontier! Powered by the latest Native PCI Express GPU Design with the industry's only true 128-bit precision processing-MSI NX6600GT & NX6600 Series graphic card take cinematic quality special effects to new levels!!!

Dynamic EXPRESS Overclocking Technology™
Enhances 10% Overclocking Level Performance

Dynamic EXPRESS Overclocking Technology™
Maximizing the Overclocking Possibility

Once again, MSI presents its best engineering process and design to maximize the PCI EXPRESS overcloking possibility! MSI exclusive NX6600GT & NX6600 series equips the most advanced Dynamic EXPRESS Overclocking Technology, enabling the synchronized GPU & DDR overclocking performance up to 10% improvement by 6-level setting < Commander, General, Colonel, Captain, Sergeant and Private levels>.

Revolutionary Breakthrough

Skyrocketing bandwidth jump! New generation ultra speed interface- PCI Express- with 4 GB/sec data transferring rate, and almost 200% jump from 2.1 GB/sec AGP interface, MSI makes all the gamers' eyes wide open with the latest NX6600GT & NX6600 VGA series! With the best engineering process, gamers could rock through all the fantastic DirectX 9.0 games with unprecedented experience!

Continuing the MSI tradition of incorporating only the best engineering process and design techniques, the NX6600GT & NX6600 series take advantage of the most advanced and sophisticated T.O.P. TECH™ COOLING technology. This advanced ventilation cooling mechanism enables higher performance through faster clock rates, while still remains in comparable low GPU temperature-- a perfect craft for a perfect graphics from MSI.

Noise (db) Level Environment Description
90~100 Airport
80~90 Construction Site
70~80 Crowded Street
60~70 Meeting Room
50~60 Resident Area
30~50 Library
less than 30 MSI TOP TECH(28db)

Advanced pixel shaders in the new CineFX 3.0 engine deliver up to double the floating-point pixel shader power of previous-generation GPUs, allowing for faster, more efficient execution of even the most complex pixel shading tasks. In addition, CineFX 3.0 continues to deliver the highest level of image quality and film-industry levels of precision through true 128-bit precision computing, enabling special effects on par with Hollywood films.

Dual NX6600GT Power Display Technology Support

The latest SLI technology could dramatically enhance the 3D performance by parallel VGA computing. With the latest NVIDIA SLITM TECHNOLOGY, MSI NX6600GT Series accelerates 3D computing speed with DUAL graphic cards computing!!!

Owners of MSI NX6600GT & NX6600 Series will appreciate revolutionary features as:

  • Dynamic EXPRESS Overclocking Technology™ - advanced overclocking engine, designed to deliver up to 10% extra performance, greatly enhances the synchronized GPU & DDR performance without complicated setting and overheated problem!
  • T.O.P. TECH™ COOLING - This advanced ventilation cooling mechanism enables 8°C lower cooling performance than the original cooling system, while still remains in comparable low fan noise level at 28db.
  • SLI Multi-GPU Technology, the industry-leading dual VGA computing technology to double up the 3D performance.

*Not Available in Japan

NX6600GT & NX6600 Exclusive Bundle
MSI PCX5750 Series exclusively bundle the hottest game of the year- Prince of Persia: Sands of Time for the gamers in the world.
Prince of Persia™: The Sands of Time <Full Retail Version- 2* CD-ROM>

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"...Prince of Persia is a truly excellent action adventure game for as long as it lasts."
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*Not Available in Japan

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell®: Pandora Tomorrow
<Full Retail Version- CD-ROM >

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