MSI™ won the“9th Symbol of Excellence Award”in Taiwan.

Latest Update:

The winners of the ninth annual "Symbol of Excellence Award" in Taiwan have been announced. MSI™ presented three products and all of them won the award. "It is our great honor to win the "Symbol of Excellence Award" in Taiwan." said Mr. Lai, Marketing Manager in MSI™ Taiwan, "The award shows that we are doing what we have promised to our customers. MSI™ will keep the principle of "award winning products and best service" to develop our new products and meet our customers' needs."
The following products won the "Symbol of Excellence Award":

K7T Pro2 Motherboard:
The MSI™ K7T Pro2 is based on VIA®'s KT133 chipset and provides the latest high performance features. Its cutting-edge design supports the latest AMD Athlon™ and Duron™ processors and is geared for performance PC users that require expandability and upgradeability. MSI™ always has products of the highest quality and the K7T Pro2 is no exception. On top of its excellent performance and stability, The K7T Pro2 includes some useful utilities, such as Fuzzy Logic™ 3, Live BIOS™, D-LED, PC Alert™ III, to take advantage of the latest AMD™ processor technology.

MS-5205 Set-Top-Box:
With its compact space-saving design, the MS-5205 Set-Top-Box offers an efficient Internet surfing tool and features a user-friendly operation. This product gives users a simple Internet surfing tool, allowing them log onto the Internet easily through existing TV sets and telephone lines. The MS-5205 is powered by Cyrix® 2000/233MHz Media GX™.

Coordinating with the built-in multimedia chipset, NS Geod CS5330, the GXm/GXLV™ processor delivers the best of audio and video functions. Users will discover the joys of multimedia entertainment provided by their ISP (Internet Service Provider) without any other additional accessories and costs. Through the built-in smart card controller, users also enjoy E-commence, home shopping, and banking at home.

MS-5206 Set-Top-Box:
The MS-5206 STB is being developed to meet the consumers' needs. Its simple setup process makes Internet connection easy and fun - all on home television. Easy web surfing, convenient email service and secure online shopping are some of the major features. To provide consumers the best multimedia experience, the MS-5206 can be connected to home stereo systems with either L/R audio connectors or coaxial SPDIF output, so theater-like entertainment can be experienced right in the living rooms. With the MS-5206, MSI™ gives the users enjoyable entertainment experience through this one single device.

The "Symbol of Excellenct Award" is given to Taiwan's most innovative, well-designed products of the highest quality. MSI™ products are developed utilizing advanced technology and with user-friendly design in mind. MSI™ is strongly aware that the best way to gain the confidence of the customers is to constantly challenge ourselves. Providing high quality products and excellent customer service has always been MSI™'s foremost goal. MSI™ is looking forward to our next exciting year with continuous success.