First two "TÜV Certified Durability" M/B from MSI 865PE Neo2-V has also won the TÜV-seal for "Geprüü

Latest Update:

MSI 865PE Neo2-V has proven its performance superiority by winning the certification from TÜV.Saarland, an acclaimed independent certification organization.

Following in the footsteps of 865PE Neo2 Platinum, 865PE Neo2-V has also won the TÜV seal for its certified durability (certified long-term stability, No. 2004/07-140).)
Over weeks the engineers of TÜV Saarland tortured the MSI motherboard 865PE Neo-V together with a MSI FX5600U TD-128 VGA card in a high temperature cabinet at constant 70 degree Celsius.

Thus the technical control association confirms at the end of complicated computations and high temperature investigations for the second MSI motherboard the increase of the "Mean Time Between Failures" from 19 to 25 years.

865PE Neo2-V is the second MSI motherboard to win this accreditation but the first in V Class. The mission of the entire MSI V Class was to build quiet, stable and durable motherboard that is also affordable and the 865PE Neo2-V is one of the perfect representatives of this philosophy.

MSI is well-known for its products' performance and reliability. The back-to-back acclamations from TÜV Saarland reinforced MSI's strict insistence on quality.

A total of four boards were placed in the oven. Each of the four motherboards had to undergo a four week test cycle and every one of them remained functional after the test period. Each system's computing capacity was charged by 100% as it ran a video, the SiSoft Sandra Burn-in-Test and Prime95 all at the same time.

Better durability means more protection for your investment on information technology. TÜV "Geprüfte Langzeitstabilität" (Certified Durability) provides you an accord criterion for procurement.