Micro-Star International Announces New Feature [ Fuzzy Logic™] Auto-Optimize Your CPU!

Latest Update:

What is "overclocking?" Most have heard of the term, but those who really understand it and use it are few and far between. With an eye towards featuring artificial intelligence - Fuzzy Logic™. The tool is aimed at all users who enjoy tweaking their systems for maximum performance. Running in the Windows® environment, it utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to automatically and instantly determine the best parameters for the CPU.

The Fuzzy Logic™ overclocking tool features:

Easy Control
- 1 Touch Key:Just press AUTO key to achieve overclocking.
- 2 Operation Modes:Not only beginners but also power users enjoy the features.
- 3 Useful CPU Information:dentifies true CPU specifications for users.

MSI™ Monopoly
- Only for MSI™ Products-Can be shown on other brands, but will not function.
- Available Now:Fuzzy Logic™ supports the following MSI™ motherboards: BXMASTER,
, and MS-6301.

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