Micro-Star International Announces New Feature [ Fuzzy Logic™] Auto-Optimize Your CPU!

Latest Update: Sun, 31 Dec 2000

What is "overclocking?" Most have heard of the term, but those who really understand it and use it are few and far between. With an eye towards featuring artificial intelligence - Fuzzy Logic™. The tool is aimed at all users who enjoy tweaking their systems for maximum performance. Running in the Windows® environment, it utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to automatically and instantly determine the best parameters for the CPU.

The Fuzzy Logic™ overclocking tool features:

Easy Control
- 1 Touch Key:Just press AUTO key to achieve overclocking.
- 2 Operation Modes:Not only beginners but also power users enjoy the features.
- 3 Useful CPU Information:dentifies true CPU specifications for users.

MSI™ Monopoly
- Only for MSI™ Products-Can be shown on other brands, but will not function.
- Available Now:Fuzzy Logic™ supports the following MSI™ motherboards: BXMASTER,
, and MS-6301.

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