MSI™ Launches MS-StarForce 818 Graphics Accelerator Based on nVIDIA® GeForce2 MX™ Graphics Processor

Latest Update:

MSI™ unleashes its MS-StarForce 818 graphics accelerator card en par with nVIDIA® 's launch of its GeForce2 MX™ graphics processor. The GeForce2 MX™ graphics processor employs the same graphics engine as the GeForce2 GTS. The same 256-bit graphics processor supports HDTV specification, DVD playback, and Microsoft® DirectX™ 7and OpenGL™. Through the high efficiency of the nVIDIA® GeForce2 MX™ graphics engine, all the 3D pipeline processing is concentrated on the graphics card, effectively decreasing the usage of CPU power.

MSI™'s MS-StarForce 818 graphics card applies this transcendental graphics engine and has created a revolution in the 3D graphics and gaming experience. MSI™'s MS-StarForce 818 graphics card, applying the new nVIDIA® GeForce2 MX™ graphics processor, possesses the following features:

  • The GeForce2 MX™ graphics processor is faster than the previous GeForce 256, plus manufactured in 0.18 micron process, its power consumption is less than 4 Watts. The thermal dissipation can be handled even with a passive cooling heat sink.
  • The new graphics processor adds two new powerful features: Digital Vibrance Control™ and TwinView™ display architecture, to deliver stunning graphics experience.
  • Designed based on 4X AGP specification and equipped with 32MB of SDRAM memory, the graphics card can successfully and effectively decrease the usage of CPU power.
  • The optional TV-Out function supporting future digital flat screens, ensures big screen visual enjoyment. Besides all the powerful features, MSI™ also includes two self-developed value tools, adding more features to the already powerful card:
    1. MSI™ DVD™: MSI™ own DVD playback software, ensuring an easy DVD application, allowing the user comfortably enjoy DVD movie playback, fulfilling the audio-visual multimedia demands of the new era.
    2. MSI™ 3D! Turbo™ 2000:
    -Screen:Provides a powerful yet friendly user interface, automatically detecting DDC2B supported video mode, and the included protection feature returns to previous settings if the new setting is not functioning in 10 seconds.
    -Overclocking:The included "Control" function adjusts memory frequency, fulfilling the demands for higher working frequency environment.
    -Multi-desktop:The included eight desktop selections allow users to group icons of similar function workgroup, simplifying desktop management.
    3. MSI™ Drivers & Utilities: The VGA Drivers & Utilities CD includes the drivers of all MSI™ graphics cards plus Adobe Acrobat Reader and Media