MSI™ Announces COMDEX Fall 2000 Products Leading Motherboard Manufacturer to Unveil the Last High-E

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Sands Expo and Convention Center
Booth No. S2217A

MSI™ (Micro-Star International) is announcing its presence at COMDEX Fall 2000 during Nov. 13 ~ 17, at Sands Expo And Convention Center, Las Vegas, Novada, U.S.A., booth No. S2217A.

MSI™ will be showing its new products and own

developed value tools. Motherboards include those based on Intel® 810E2, 815, 820, 840, and 850 chipset, as well as AMD™ K760 / KT133, and VIA® 693A / 694X / PM133 / PM266 / Pro 266 chipset. AGP graphic cards will be based on the new nVIDIA® GeForce2 GTSTM and GeForce2 MX™ controller. Also in demonstration are the IA (Information Appliances) such as the Windows-Based Terminal (WBT), Set-Top Box (STB), Slim PC, and PDA. All the products are designed under MSI™'s strong R&D capabilities and manufactured at MSI™'s ISO-9001 and ISO-14000 facilities. Through the products, MSI™ is declaring its plans in expanding future developments of the enterprise.

MSI™ will be showing also value added software tools developed by MSITM's own R&D team, such as Fuzzy Logic™ 3, Live BIOS™, Smart D-LED™. They are worth of a detailed look:

Fuzzy Logic™ 3
Fuzzy Logic™ 3 is an MSI™ own developed proprietary software utility that automatically and intelligently adjusts processor and system frequency. By applying Artificial Intelligence, the process of adjusting to the optimum processor and system frequency is accomplished automatically under Windows® working environment. It is also worth mentioning that Fuzzy Logic™ 3 would reboot automatically without user's pushing RESTART button while system hang by overclocking.

Live BIOS™
A brand new MSI™'s own developed intelligent tool, the Live BIOS™ is constantly monitoring the BIOS release from MSITM's web site, and compares with the one on the motherboard. Live BIOS™ will automatically download the newest BIOS version and automatically installs after download, ensuring an error free BIOS updating process. Live BIOS™ provides an automatic and user-friendly interface, completing the process of downloading and installing new BIOS versions under Windows® environment.

Smart D-LED™
The newest super value tool developed by MSI™, it is now in voice mode. Besides the traditional combination of 4 LED light signals to represent 16 different troubleshooting functions during boot up, Smart D-LED™ now literally tells you the status of the boot up process, so that you can easily find the cause of any possible failure.

About MSI™
MSI™ (Micro-Star International), located in Chung He, Taiwan, keeps the principle of "Award-winning product quality and outstanding customer service" in producing its motherboards, add-on cards, and VGA cards, and achieves its position as one of the Top 10 motherboard manufacturers in the world.

Based on solid foundation of R&D and production capability, MSI™ begins to work toward creative integration of R&D, the talent and expertise of our human resources, ready to take another challenge for peripherals such as AGP VGA. In addition, total integration of PC system, Slim PC, PDA, Set-Top Box (STB), and Windows-Based Terminal (WBT) are also announced now.

MSI™ announces the plant 3 in Chung He, situated next to MSI™ Headquarters, will be officially put into operation on October 1st. Company's production capacity will be greatly increased. MSI™ has always been aggressively increasing its own production capacity, and growing sales success has sustained the production growth. The plant 3 in Chung He is situated next to the company's Headquarters, combined with original 24 SMT production lines and 16 DIP assembly lines, the monthly production capacity in Taiwan is reaching over the 1 million unit mark, fulfilling the demands of future growth.

MSI™ has worldwide presence and has currently subsidiaries in U.S.A., Germany, France, Japan, Australia, China, and Netherlands. More on-time global customer support and quality service can be achieved through all the overseas locations. Further information can be found at our web site: