The Heat of MSI™ 815E Pro Motherboard Hotshot of US 3D & Belgian

Latest Update:

MSI™ 815E Pro motherboard has been receiving applauses far and wide since its introduction to the market. It is the twelfth time to receive unanimous recommendation worldwide and coverage in international professional media. Using Intel® 815E chipset, 815E Pro has recently received almost full score from the US 3D and Belgian, which makes 815E Pro the most wanted and most popular motherboard on the market.

According to the editors of the US 3D, '...built on an ATX architecture, MSI™ 815E Pro motherboard is has 6 PCI slots and 4 DIMM sockets, supports ATA100 specification, and the built-in AC'97 Codec for 4-channel stereo is magnificent.

Users may adjust the I/O voltage directly from the BIOS, and FSB is adjustable at every 1MHz. In sum, 815E Pro has an outstanding stability and impressive performance. It deserves our recommendation and almost full score, as well as the Outstanding Award.' Editors from Belgian expressed, '8150E Pro provides an outstanding performance and excellent stability for overclocking. Together with the Fuzzy Logic™ 2, Live BIOS™ and Smart D-LED™ uniquely developed by MSI™, 8150E Pro is a motherboard of perfection.'


3D, USA, September 28, 2000
2., Belgium, September 27, 2000

  815E Pro VIA133A 440BX
Benchmarking CPUMark99
650MHz 64.9 64.4 63.7
886MHz 80.1 78.9 81.2
910MHz 84.6 83.4 85.1
975MHz 87.5 86.7 N/A
1008MHz 91.7 N/A N/A
3DMark 2000 Benchmarks (1024*768 16bit)
650MHz 5901 5840 5890
866MHz 6849 6721 6935
910MHz 7043 6992 7102
975MHz 7321 7206 N/A
1008MHz 7774 N/A N/A

  MSI 815E Pro ABIT SET6
CPU Mark 58.2 57.7
FPU Mark 3210 3190
Business Disk 3700 3710
Business Graphic 288 288
Winstone 99 28.9 28.7
Winstone 2000 26.6 26.4
Quake III 75 75