MSI™ announces its latest Intel® Pentium® 4 Server Platforms - E7210 Master and P1-102A2M

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MSI™, a leader in the design and manufacture of motherboards and server solutions, today unveils a few new models of its server motherboard and 1U rack mount server, including E7210 Master (MS-9149) and P1-102A2M (MS-9249). These support Intel?'s new chipset, the E7210. This new chipset represents the next step in entry server chipset technology for the latest 800MHz FSB Pentium? 4 Northwood processors and the new generation Prescott processors.

The E7210 Master is positioned as an entry-level ATX form factor server motherboard, specially developed for both tower and rack-mount servers. For memory support, the E7210 Master comes with 4 DDR DIMM slots, which support Dual-channel unbuffered ECC DDR400/333 up to a total of 4GB of system memory, increasing bus speed, bandwidth, and system performance.

Providing 2 PCI-X and 3 32-bit PCI slots, the board provides the best flexibility and expandability for add-on devices. In addition, the integrated ATI Rage XL graphics controller (8MB) meets the need for high-quality video performance and eliminates the need for a PCI video card. The E7210 Master boasts a powerful onboard Dual Gigabit Ethernet, based on the Intel® 82547 and 82541 chipsets, which helps to reduce the network bottleneck and improve the speed and performance.

In general, the E7210 Master is designed to deliver maximized system bus, memory, and I/O bandwidth to enhance performance, scalability, and end-user productivity while providing a smooth transition to the next-generation server technologies.


The high-performance 1U rack-mount server solution:
P1-102A2M--- Single Intel Pentium® 4 1U Rack-Mount Server (MS-9249)

The P1-102A2M, a 1U rack-mount server solution, was developed to be used as workgroup server -- for file and printer sharing, and network sharing. This 1U rack-mount system has a 17" depth chassis, which is good for those care about space-saving, and can support 2 internal HDDs, slim CD-ROM and LCD panel. Besides, the P1-102A2M comes with MSI's unique µStar® Server Managenent software bundle, including MMS (MSI Server Management Suite), mBMC (server management) and iConsole (MSI Server Management Software), which can be used to control the Server and Hardware Monitoring functions remotely. Together, these features deliver a balanced system for demanding workstation-class applications.

MSI products lead the industry in terms of system performance, computing density, price-to-performance ratio, and high-availability requirements. MSI's strong engineering team and technically innovative leadership support its commitment to being first to the market with industry-leading technology. For more product specifications of E7201 Master and P1-102A2M, please visit MSI's website at