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SUBJECT: Intel® MTH Issue & MSI™ Motherboard

Intel® has announced on May 10th, 2000 that some motherboards/systems using the memory translator hub (MTH) appears to be sensitive to system noise caused by the simultaneous switching of signals on the MTH buses. This issue may manifest itself as an intermittent system reboots or system hangs during operation. This issue may affect MSI Motherboard which uses the Intel 820 chipset with MTH component. However, this issue is an intermittent issue and has only been observed on some few systems under extreme conditions with heavy loading, running memory intensive applications.

Only MS-6301 Motherboard uses the Intel® 820 chipset with the MTH component. So far MSI have not received any returned MS-6301 Motherboard due to this issue before Intel® announcement.

MSI has already stopped the production & shipment of MS-6301 Motherboard & has already informed our customers/distributors to stopped selling & shipping MS-6301 Motherboard.

User has the option either to continue using MS-6301 Motherboard or to send MS-6301 motherboard back to his dealer/distributor. MSI has already instructed our customers/distributors about the handling procedure for MS-6301. In special cases where the dealer has gone bankrupt, user can directly contact one of MSI subsidiaries (/contact/main.htm) near to his place. If user still require further assistance, please e-mail us & we will do our best to answer your questions.