The Return of the King MSI 865PE Neo2 Won Best of Tom's 2003 Award

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As the major platform of latest Intel® Pentium 4 processor, 865PE motherboard was battlefield of elite forces from all leading motherboard makers. Best design, awesome onboard features, killer overclocking options and solid quality are all contributed to performance enthusiast around the world.

MSI™ 865PE Neo2 was outperformed all other competitors. For its unbeatable benchmark results, full-loaded onboard features, memory accelerating technology and innovations.

D.O.T. (Dynamic Overclocking Technology) was the experimental feature of MSI™ advanced motherboard. It's surprisingly disclosed that editors of Tom's Hardware Guide found this feature while they're testing. After further discussion and pull in mass production schedule, D.O.T. became master feature of MSI™ 865PE Neo2 and upcoming motherboards. Because it creats quick and easy way for beginner and newbies to overclocking, it also receives wide appreciation from many media.

The award of Best of Tom's 2003 was the first award from this top hardware website this year. It might be the most important endorsement from 865PE motherboard.

And in HardwareZone at Singapore, 865PE Neo2 stepped in 875P Neo's footprint. Crowned as the second product which won all three awards-Most Overclockable Product, Most Innovative Product and Five-Star Award.

  • It is the fastest board overall in the test field.

  • Interesting overclocking features for less ambitious users increase performance.
  • There is also a broad range of features, which leaves hardly any wish unanswered.
  • All in all, the board costs just under $... This will set the competition thinking.



  • In terms of performance, there's nothing else we need to say but a big "Well Done!" to MSI™.
  • The performance of the board was extremely good...

  • The 865PE Neo2-FIS2R is an ideal board for all usage conditions...
  • For overclockers, the MSI™ 865PE Neo2-FIS2R is yet another dream come true

  • The MSI 865PE Neo2 has all the makings of an excellent product.

  • MSI™ 865PE Neo2 has a Bios that would make any overclocker happy.

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