Introducing MSI Electric City: Core Assault VR Bullet Hell Game. Rediscover MSI Electric City with the Best VR Ready Motherboard

Latest Update: Fri, 08 Sep 2017

[Taipei, Taiwan] September 8, 2017 - MSI brings an extremely realistic virtual reality experience to VR gamers with the latest release MSI Electric City: Core Assault VR BullVR Bullet Hell arcade shoot ’em up! Being the leader in the gaming industry, MSI released the first ever VR experience advertisement – MSI Electric City in 2016, taking players into the futuristic motherboard city with detailed lights and shades, magnificent scenery and architecture, and garnering more than 70,000 owners on Steam.

This year, MSI is excited to introduce MSI Electric City: Core Assault, sequel to MSI Electric City. The city is now under assault from hostile enemies bent on destroying the main core. Players are in control of a fighter spacecraft with the mission to defend the core and surrounding tower defense structures. Maneuver and blast away your enemies in this third person VR arcade action shooter. More about the game:


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To learn more about the game, head over to the MSI Electric City landing page here: