MSI’s Largest Gaming Flagship Store Open. The New Gaming Landmark in Malaysia

Latest Update: Mon, 16 Oct 2017
[Taipei, Taiwan] MSI, the premium gaming brand, sets up the world’s largest gaming flagship store in BB Park (Bukit Bintang Park) near the crowded ICT computer market Plaza Low Yat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, being the most eye-catching landmark! Due to the rise of the gaming industry, Malaysian eSports teams achieved excellent results in global gaming competition for last five years, triggering a gaming fever to cultivate more potential gamers. " It is my pleasure to have you all here to experience MSI’s largest gaming store opening. Being able to share this great moment with our gaming partners and friends made this occasion more meaningful. We are very proud to see so many gamers embrace our innovations with excitement especially in Malaysia,” says Sam Chern, MSI Global Marketing Director.

World's biggest MSI flagship store in Malaysia is spectacularly themed around games with its iconic black and red. Its chic, dazzling glass walls capture the eyes and heart of every beholder. During the trial run, the retail counters on the 1st floor offer gamers a rich array of gaming products, including a comprehensive lineup of gaming laptops, gaming desktops, gaming motherboards, gaming graphics cards, gaming keyboards, gaming mice, gaming headphones and more.

The in-store gaming zone on the 2nd floor is an exciting gaming arena specifically tailored for gamers. Featuring professional gaming chairs, the MSI gaming zone provides gamers with a new destination for group training, official gaming events, meetings, gamers’ gathering, product launches, event live streaming, etc.

It has been decades since MSI entered Southeast Asia market and the world-leading brand has now become one of the most successful one in Malaysia. To provide gamers the best gaming experience possible, MSI's comprehensive GAMING lineup embodies its True Gaming spirit in terms of external design and brilliant performance. MSI has always been the industry's first to roll out top-notch flagship gaming products, giving gamers early access to the best weapons of victory. MSI gaming laptop has come to be the first choice for local enthusiasts.

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