All Eyes on Epoch-making MSI VR Showcase
Awesome MSI GAMING rigs and enticing, breathtaking VR experiences wow COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016 visitors

Latest Update: Tue, 31 May 2016
[Taipei, Taiwan] For MSI, a world leader in high-end gaming hardware, a lot of effort has gone into the creation of its marvelous VR experience zones at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016. Each VR experience zone features a variety of captivating VR experiences powered by top-rated MSI VR-ready products, HTC VIVE, VR content providers and more. Here we have a quick glimpse into MSI's VR-optimized gaming hardware and some of the most riveting VR experiences that MSI has to offer.

MSI's revolutionary Vortex gaming desktop perfectly powers HTC Vive and theBlu: Luminous Abyss, taking visitos on a venture into the deepest region of the ocean to discover the iridescent abyss. In a truly immersive VR world where the real world seems to vanish, audiences get to experience a close encounter with various types of luminous marine creatures. Soaking their ears in the ocean's roar, audiences are free to move around, picture themselves diving underwater and enjoy the sheer audio-visual sensation brought on by the ocean.

More highlights at the VR expreience zones include MSI’s high-end gaming laptops and desktops that pack unprecedented gaming power and innovative design. Visitors get a chance to see COMPUTEX Best Choice Golden Award 2016 winner MSI GS63 Stealth Pro gaming laptop, super high-end MSI GT83/GT73 Titan SLI gaming laptops, COMPUTEX d&i awards 2016 winner GS73 gaming laptop and more. Among the most revolutionary products of MSI, the Backpack PC delivers more than enough power to run The Lab: Xortex. Come experience the immersive thrills of navigating and avoiding incoming fire while shooting at a multitude of different spacecraft!

Gaming and entertainment aside, Virtual Reality is taking on a bigger role in commercial and industrial applications, such as architecture and construction, production, automobile, healthcare, education, etc. To meet the demands, MSI rolls out the world’s first NVIDIA® VR Ready professional mobile workstation WT72. Right at MSI’s VR experience zones, visitors have a chance to create a visually appealing VR experience using MSI WT72 and Autodesk Stingray Game Engine.

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