MSI Allies with Rex Regum Qeon, Southeast Asia’s DOTA 2 "King of Kings"

Joining us today in MSI eSports Interview is Rex Regum Qeon, one of the most respected Defense of the Ancients 2 teams in Southeast Asia. Founded in October 2013, the team is represented by the best Indonesian DOTA players. Latin for "King of Kings", "Rex Regum" screams out the team's innermost desire to become King of DOTA 2 by winning “The International”, the largest DOTA 2 tournament in the world.

RRQ RRQA peek inside RRQ's Gaming House

1. Hi 'KoaLa'! As team captain, please introduce your team for those of our readers who do not know you yet.

Farand 'KoaLa' Kowara: Hi there, I am Farand Kowara. My in-game name is KoaLa. RRQ is a pioneer of pro DOTA 2 team in Indonesia. Founded In October 2013 when nobody laid eyes on professional players, RRQ owner recruited me and the other players. He loves DOTA so much that he wants to make us a great success in this field. This year he wants us to get bigger, so he makes RRQ collaborate with the sponsors like MSI, Go-Jek, Biznet, and OASIS. The team is always represented by the best Indonesian DOTA players. My comrades; Xepher, iLogic, Λcil, Yabyoo are also well known as the best in their position here. We have the same dreams: being the best players & team, conquer SEA region and go to The International.


2. Rex Regum Qeon is almost four years old - can you reflect on the team’s performance in the past years? What are you most proud of and what are your biggest disappointments?

Farand 'KoaLa' Kowara: Winning SEAC tournament is my proudest moment in RRQ. We won against the other top teams from each country. ( )
The biggest disappointment is WCA. This roster was newly formed just 1 week before the tournament. We almost qualified for the main event in China, but unfortunately we lost to XCTN. At the end we only placed 3rd. ( )
The other proud and disappointment moment is DOTA 2 Major invitation. We are proud to be the only one invited team from Indonesia couples times for Major SEA qualifier. On the other hand, we failed to qualify.


3. How do you think the Indonesian playstyle differs from European and American regions? What are the competitive advantages of Indonesian players?

Farand 'KoaLa' Kowara: Indonesian players rely on instincts while European and American players have good drafts and strategies.
Right now, there is no advantage of being Indonesian players. Our eSports development is slower than the other countries. Hopefully as time goes by, Indonesian people acknowledge us as eSports athletes and there will be a lot of events.


4. Who do you think are some of the strongest DOTA 2 teams in the world? Are there any players or teams that you look up to a lot or try to emulate?

Farand 'KoaLa' Kowara: Now as an off-lane player, I admire Chong Xin "Ohaiyo" Khoo in SEA region, who is currently playing the offlane role for Fnatic. He plays so well as an offlaner and has contributed a great deal to the team.
As for teams, Russia’s VP ( is the coolest DOTA 2 team.

5. Do you have any fun stories from the time you joined Rex Regum Qeon?

Farand 'KoaLa' Kowara: There are a lot of fun stories. We do many things together, like a family.
We once traveled to Bandung for an MSI event and trained how to speak in front of people together because we are all shy boys. The training process was full of fun and laughter. It was an unforgettable experience.
The most hilarious thing is as an adult we love to play in Timezone playground for children when we go out and wait for our movie. Imagine adults playing among kids in a children’s playground! It seems funny but we have lots of fun.

6. What does your team do for fun outside of DOTA 2? Do you have any interests or hobbies?

Farand 'KoaLa' Kowara: I do love DOTA and playing games.
I also love eating, watching movies and exploring new kinds of foods.

7. Tell us about your partnership with MSI. Among the MSI GAMING products you've used, what technologies or features particularly stand out and enhance your in-game performance? Which MSI GAMING laptop would you recommend to victory seekers?

Farand 'KoaLa' Kowara: I use MSI laptop GT72. I play like almost 16 hours every day, and this laptop won’t give me any heat and problem (such as running slow, hang). And the graphic that I get is just the best. I could not get any better experience. This gear is amazing.



8. Thank you for your time, 'KoaLa'! Do you have any shoutouts? Where can people find you on social media?

Farand 'KoaLa' Kowara: Shoutouts to our sponsors, especially MSI. To our boss, Riki Suliawan, and to our hardcore fans and haters. Without you guys we are nothing.
And keep supporting us! VIVA RRQ!

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Team Profile:

Founded in October 2013, the team is represented by the best Indonesian Dota players who are already well known in the international gaming community. Rex Regum has grown to become one of the most respected Dota 2 teams in Southeast Asia. The team’s mission is to become the best Dota team in the world by winning “The International”, the largest Dota 2 tournament in the world, Which is held in Seattle, USA. Rex Regum believes that the key to their success is by combining the skills of the experienced players with those of up and coming young players.m.

Team achievement:

2016 South East Asia (SEA):

1st Place Division 2 JDL League Season #10 (Moving to Division 1)
1st Place BTS SEA Series #4 Open Qualifier
5th-8th AGES Malaysia


1st Place ICE Dota 2 Tournament
1st Place Theprime Dota 2 Online Tournament 2016
1st Place Informatics Festival Dota 2 LAN Tournament
1st Place Lenovo Gaming League Jakarta Qualifier
2nd Place Lenovo Gaming League
1st Place ASEAN Games for E-Sports 2016 Indonesia Qualifier
1st Place Acer Predator Dota 2 Online Tournament Series 2
1st Place AES Summer Series Season 1
1st Place Fearless Dota 2 Online Tournament


3rd Place Master Gaming Series 2015
3rd Place Dell Dota 2 Tournament
1st Place SEAC Dota 2 Tournament (SEA)
2nd Place IESL 2015 Dota 2 Tournament Jakarta
1st Place World of Gaming Dota 2 Tournament 2015
3rd Place FJB-E.G. Dota 2 Tournament Season 3
1st Place BINGO Binus Dota 2 Tournament 2015
1st Place S-Prime Dota 2 Tournament 2015
7th-8th Place MPGL Season 7 (SEA)
1st Place Informatics Celebration Dota 2 Tournament 2015
1st Place MPGL Season 7 Indonesia Qualifier
3rd Place GGS Dota 2 Tournament 2015
2nd Place GEST 2015 Indonesia Qualifier
3rd Place Live Gaming Dota 2 Tournament 2015
1st Place Eternal League Dota 2 Tournament Season 1
1st Place FJB-E.G. Dota 2 Tournament Season 1