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St. Francis Xavier School

Saint Francis Xavier Convent School was founded in 1925 by Father Broizat to provide education for children from poor income family and orphans who live in SamSen Area in Thailand. Saint Francis Xavier Convent School is now open for girls who would like to study in pre-primary, primary and secondary level. There were 2,060 students and 180 teachers at Saint Francis Xavier Convent School. It is a mega school among the General Educational Schools under the Office of the Private Education Commission and Ministry of Education of Thailand. Saint Francis Xavier Convent School aims to form students fill their lives with the science of knowledge and the art of living and help their students develop their skills and gain the necessary capacity for real life.

Mohawk Valley Health System

Faxton St. Luke’s turned to MSI for the solution, selecting the Cubi 5 12M desktop and PRO MP243XW monitor after careful consideration against other brands. With MSI’s extensive inventory and quick availability, the Cubi 5 12M and the PRO MP243XW offered a balance of affordability and solid performance, resulting in substantial cost savings for FSLH. At approximately $300 was saved per unit, MSI provided a cost-effective solution that aligned withFSLH’s budgetary requirements. The decision to choose MSI over other brands was driven by a combination of cost-effectiveness, immediate product availability, consideration for a long product life-cyle, and the compact form factor fulfilling the exact requirements for Faxton St. Luke’s healthcare facilities. MSI not only met these criteria but also provided a comprehensive solution that aligned seamlessly with FSLH’s goals and requirements. “We needed something fast, cost-effective, with ready inventory availability. We loaded them up in days and it just worked. It was a great find.”


Weile Vietnam One Member Company Limited, a prominent player in the functional food industry, is dedicated to elevating individual well-being through cutting-edge nutritional solutions. Committed to quality and health, Weile Vietnam ensures its products meet the highest standards of efficacy and safety. In line with their pursuit of excellence, the company recognizes the importance of utilizing reliable technology for optimal productivity. This is why they chose MSI MP251 monitors, known for their exceptional display quality, color accuracy, and ergonomic design, providing Weile Vietnam with a seamless and efficient work environment to meet the dynamic demands of the functional food industry.


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