How to reset the EC (Embedded Controller)

If your system becomes unstable or encounters any unexpected problems during an update, resetting the EC may fix the problem.

1. Turn the laptop off.

2. Disconnect the charging apparatus.

3. Locate the EC reset hole at the back of your laptop. (The pictured icon is visible indicating it's position.)

Embedded Controller

4. Straighten a paperclip and then insert it into the EC reset hole. Push the paperclip downwards gently and hold it in place for for 30 seconds.

Embedded Controller
Embedded Controller

1. If an EC reset hole does not exist, or if the outlined procedure fails, then power off the laptop and press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
2. If the battery is removable, then remove the battery and wait for 15 minutes before placing the battery pack back in its original position.
3. The location of the reset hole can be learned about in the manual. Manuals for all devices are available on MSI's official website.
4. To confirm that the EC reset is complete, press the power button and make sure that the system will not power on; if the system boots up after pressing the power button, return to step 3 and perform the EC reset again.