If the keyboard backlight is not working, please check “How to turn on the keyboard backlight”. If the keyboard backlight is working but the color displayed is abnormal. Please check “How to setup Multi-Color backlight Keyboard ".

How to turn on the keyboard Backlightt

1. Follow the steps to verify that your notebook keyboard supports backlight and which type of backlight keyboard is supported.

Take GT76 9th Gen as an example.

Visit MSI official website and type in “GT76” and press [Enter] key to start searching as shown in the picture below:

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2. Locate 「GT76 9th Gen」 and click on Specification

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3. Check the keyboard specification (Full Colour Backlight, Single Color Backlight or No Backlight).

Full Color Backlight: Adjust color settings via SteelSeries Engine app

Single Color Backlight: Only the brightness can be adjusted

No Backlight: Does not support backlight function..

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4. If backlight keyboard is supported, please press the backlight hotkey button to toggle on/off the backlight (some models do not come with hotkey button but can be activated via SteelSeries Engine / or MSI Center software. May vary by Model).

kb led

5. If you have enabled the backlight via the hotkey button or the software but the keyboard backlight still does not respond to your input, please then press "Fn" and numpad "-" function keys to increase the keyboard brightness and check again.

kb led

6. If your User Scenario performance profile is set to Super Battery mode, your keyboard backlight will also be disabled. Please do change it out of Super Battery Mode.

MSI Dragon Center

kb led

MSI Center

kb led

MSI Creator Center

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How to setup Multi-Color backlight Keyboard

Please refer to below guide on how to go about changing settings of the Multi-Color Backlight Keyboard via SteelSeries Engine app.

How to use SteelSeries Engine app to Adjust Multi-Color Backlight Keyboard Settings

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