If the keyboard LED backlight turns off, please check “How to turn on the keyboard LED backlight”. If the keyboard LED backlight could work, but the color display is abnormal. Please check “How to setup the keyboard LED backlight".

(Warning) For keyboards that do not support Per-Key RGB, please check the color display with pure red, green or blue.

Confirm that the socket on the wall functions properly. Furthermore, check to see if the insulating skin of the power cord is damaged.

How to turn on the keyboard LED Backlight

1. Follow the steps to verify that your notebook supports keyboard LED backlight and which type of backlight is supported.

1-1. Visit MSI official website and type the Marketing name in the search box on the upper right corner. Then, press [Enter] key to start searching.

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1-2. Finding the corresponding model and click "Specifications".

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1-3. Check the keyboard specification (Full color backlight, single color backlight or no backlight).

Full color backlight: Adjust settings through Dragon Center/SSE

Single color backlight: Adjust the brightness through the Fn+ keypad "+" and "-"

No backlight: The machine keyboard does not support backlight function.

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2. If computer supports keyboard backlight, please press the backlight hotkey to turn on the keyboard backlight (some models without hotkey can be activated by SSE / Dragon Center). Then, please check the backlight again.

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3. If you have pressed the hotkey key or use the software to turn on the keyboard LED backlight, but the keyboard LED backlight still not work, please press "Fn" and keypad "-" to increase the keyboard brightness and check again.

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4. Please update or reinstall the SSE software and check again if the backlight is light.

If you do not update or install the SSE software, please also refer to the article :

How to update the driver?

How to set the keyboard LED backlight

1. How to set the keyboard SSE backlight please refer to the article:

How to use SSE setup the keyboard LED Backlight

2. If your notebook has a MSI preloaded Windows system, please check the following path to see how to use the software settings.

This PC → Windows (C) → User Manual → Software Application Manual

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