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The Perfect combo of a Pre-Built
Gaming PC and a Console


Which is better for gaming: Consoles or PCs? We say: don't pick when you can have it all! You've known the beauty and convenience of an Xbox or PS5. A Pre-Built Gaming PC brings you that same convenience on another platform! Meet the MSI Gaming Desktops: Aegis, Trident, Infinite, Codex, and Meta. It's time to jump into a world of limitless gaming.

Gaming Without Boundaries

Doing away with the bounds of a single platform allows you access to almost every game and genre ever created. From tons of options in the Steam, Origin, GOG, Xbox, and Epic Games Store at too-good-to-be-true prices to all the exclusives in the Playstation and Xbox game library, you can now play them all. Nearly limitless storage expansion on your PC also means you can keep all your favorite games installed at the same time.

Adding a PC to your Gaming setup also opens up new input options! From just a controller and other console peripherals, you can now also leverage the unmatched accuracy of a keyboard and mouse in FPS games.

What's more, gaming using a fluid 144Hz gaming monitor is an eye-opening experience. Weave in and out of the action and aim with ease thanks to the fluidity of a high-refresh rate monitor and a blistering high frame rate.

Ready To Play

Getting into PC gaming can seem scary if you aren't familiar with building a machine on your own. Grabbing a top-notch Pre-Built Gaming PC brings the convenience of a ready to play experience to PCs. What's more, you also enjoy a robust warranty and troubleshooting help if you do run into any issues down the line.

Games become more demanding with each passing day. An upgradable Pre-Built Gaming PC allows your machine to keep up with the latest and greatest hardware available on the market. Even years down the line, you can rest assured of a premium gaming experience.

Be Yourself

Designing a space that's essentially 'you' has never been more fun. Combine elements of consoles and PCs to give your gaming nook a makeover. Start with a comfortable, ergonomic gaming chair and a top-notch 144Hz Gaming Monitor, and top it off with some tasteful custom RGB lighting.

Then it's up to you! Kick back and dive into your next Netflix binge or enjoy the latest games without worrying about platform. You can even download mods for games, to make it even better and fit your needs. Or start streaming to share your gaming journey. It's all wide open, and it's just for you.

I want it all

The campaign ends on Aug 21st, 2022.

Breakout, the first Brick Breaker game, is one of the most iconic games on the consoles, originally developed by Atari way back in 1976! We're turning the retro all the way up with a fun, modern take on a brick breaker game. Enjoy!

Step 1

Move the paddle left or right to avoid dropping the ball.

Step 2

Break as many bricks as you can!

Step 3

Catch bonuses to make things more interesting and rack up higher scores!

Battle ready

Future Shield





Win Prizes!

The campaign ends on Aug 21st, 2022.

Higher the points you get, the better the prizes you can win. Show off your gaming skills and grab some cool MSI hardware and gear as a reward.

Best Desktop

Play what you want to play, where you want to play! Here's MSI's complete Pre-Built Gaming PC lineup that will help you get started with PC gaming right away. Take your pick.

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