November 11, 2022 What can you charge with the stock MSI PD Charger? Part.2 PD charger connecting to MSI Summit E14 Flip Evo laptop In the previous article, What can you charge with the stock MSI PD Charger?, walked through about how PD charging works and what it can charge. This time we will [...]
October 21, 2022 What Modern Standby Can Do For You Modern Standby, same as its name, has been widely deployed in Modern laptops. Opposite to “Modern” Standby is the “legacy” S3 Standby mode. They are both “sleep” mode in windows, the difference is how they work. Compared to the S3 [...]
October 17, 2022 How To Factory Reset MSI Laptop Hello everyone. Today we are going to teach you how to factory reset the MSI laptop. So let’s start. Step 1 If you want to factory reset the laptop, you need to access the Windows troubleshoot screen. To access that, [...]
October 17, 2022 Sonar: Every Sound Detail Could Be Your Key To Victory To have an immersive gaming experience, aside from high performance processor and fast responsive display, a clear and precise sound effect is also crucial and helps locating your enemy accurately. When playing fast-paced games where atmospheric sound plays an important [...]
October 14, 2022 What Is MUX Switch & What It Can Do For You Hello everyone. Welcome back to MSI Blog. Today we're going to be talking about what the MUX switch is and what it can do for you. So let’s start. What Is Microsoft Hybrid Graphics? On typical laptops, the video [...]
October 12, 2022 How To Improve Battery Life Of Your Laptop Hello, everyone, welcome back to MSI Blog. Today we are going to share some useful tips for enhancing the battery life of your laptops. If you want to have better battery life on your laptop, besides choosing the one with [...]
September 22, 2022 How to squeeze the extreme performance of MSI gaming laptop MSI had launched the Titan GT77 before long, which is truly a dream gaming laptop for extreme performance coming with up to latest 12th Gen. Intel® Core™ i9-12900HX processor and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti graphics. The Titan is [...]
September 07, 2022 What can you charge with the stock MSI PD Charger? ▲ PD charger connecting to MSI Summit E14 laptop The European lawmakers have agreed to limit the USB Type-C to become the common charging port for mobile phones, tablets, and cameras. This will make USB Type-C become the most common charging [...]
September 01, 2022 MSI OLED Care: Taking Care of your OLED display easily MSI launched the latest Raider GE67 HX with the world’s 1st QHD 240Hz OLED display from Samsung. It is the true dream display for the gaming laptop due to it meets the balance among the top-notch picture quality, resolution, [...]