April 15, 2022 Gaming laptops with modern standby We have mentioned in this post that MSI business laptops support modern standby. The Intel 12th gen MSI gaming laptops support modern standby as well. For those who have no idea what “modern standby” is, “modern standby” is a sleep [...]
April 15, 2022 Performance - The Key To The Future When talking about PCs (Personal Computer), lots of people may claim that we don’t need that much performance anymore for several reasons: 1. Contemporary PC performance is far beyond our needs. 2. The rise of mobile devices like smartphones or tablets [...]
March 25, 2022 The New Stealth 15M - Slim, Sharp, Stylish MSI has launched the brand new Stealth 15M thin-and-light gaming laptop, which is slim, sharp, and stylish. It got the brand new look, decent build quality, great portability, powerful performance, and versatile connectivity. So let’s dive in. Brand New [...]
March 22, 2022 MSI Exclusive OverBoost Technology Unleash the Power Some laptops try to chase the tail of a desktop PC in performance, but with the MSI gaming laptops, they stand equal. Today we are glad to introduce the exclusive MSI OverBoost technology. For those who purchased the new Raider [...]
March 17, 2022 MSI 12th Gen. Stealth GS77 bonus tips Nowadays, countless high-level technical professionals bring infinite possibilities to our lives. Game streaming, space travel, autonomous vehicle... what has been unimaginable in the past is no longer unreachable. The Stealth GS77 is born to meet the needs of these techy [...]
March 14, 2022 MSI 12th Gen. Raider GE76 bonus tips The Raider GE series represents the speed of light and MSI's continuous evolution to lead gamers to explore the unknown universe! The new Raider GE series comes with up to Intel’s 12th Gen. Core i9 processor and NVIDIA GeForce [...]
March 02, 2022 MSI 12th gen Crosshair Series new features Become armed with the discreetly-developed advanced gaming weapon - Crosshair GL Series. Get ready to aim, shoot, and retake your position! Become armed with the discreetly-developed advanced gaming weapon - Crosshair GL Series. Get ready to aim, shoot, and retake [...]
February 09, 2022 What's new with 12th gen MSI laptops? MSI has launched a new product line that implemented the latest Intel 12th gen processors. In this article, we will give you a brief walkthrough on what is new about the process, core numbers, architecture improvement, also how it can [...]
January 10, 2022 Get Started To Operate MSI App Player MSI App Player is an Android emulator that developed by MSI and BlueStacks, which could be used to download and run the Apps from Google Play store through your MSI laptop. MSI App Player has lots of benefit while gaming, [...]