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MSI Recommend Intel® Platform Notebooks, Vortex and VR One for Windows System Update and Firmware Update on CPU Speculative Execution Vulnerabilities.

[Taipei, Taiwan] MSI gaming notebooks has been focused on pioneering and innovating gaming featurrs for worldwide enthusiasts to the latest gaming laptops, when Intel announced it’s issue on Spercutre execution vulnerabilities known as Meltdown/Spectre issue, MSI reacted fast to mitigate the issue with BIOS/EC firmware update works, for MSI notebooks, Vortex and VR One models firmware test and quick update these info in early 2018. ... More

MSI Unveil the Latest GE63 Raider RGB in CES 2018, And the world's 1st Launch of GT75 with Killer 1550 WiFi

[Taipei, Taiwan] In the very 2018 CES show, MSI gaming notebooks has been focused on pioneering and innovating gaming featurrs for worldwide enthusiasts to the latest gaming laptops, MSI's first gaming notebook of top Cover with limitedless RGB backlits, with slimmest gaming laptops of GS series, more features and world’s 1st ganing laptop with Killer Wireless-AC 1550. All these new features show that MSI’s ... More

MSI GP62/GL62 of GTX1060 gaming notebooks up to 41% Faster than Other GTX1060 Max-Q NBs!

Many MSI fans might know that MSI gaming notebooks always got best cooling design even on its GP,GL,GF and GV gaming notebook series, this time we tested the GP62MVR 7RF with GeForce GTX1060 3GB GDDR5 graphics to challenge other 2 models with Max-Q Design graphics, one of GTX1060 Max-Q Design with 6GB GDDR5 and the other one of GTX1060 Max-Q Design with 3GB GDDR5, see how big is the difference between high performance version of GTX1060 3GB gamin... More

MSI VR One Wins Taiwan Excellence Silver Award

[Taipei, Taiwan] The 26th Taiwan Excellence Gold and Silver Awards announced. The coveted Silver Award goes to MSI VR One, a portable backpack PC that features untethered VR gaming experience. The Gold and Silver awards, the most hotly-contested award for high quality Taiwan-made products that represent technological innovation, are screened from 30 finalists among Taiwan Excellence Award winners. Amid a was... More

Unstoppable MSI GP62M World of Tanks Edition

Come Get the Key to Victory MSI had launched the MSI GP62M World of Tanks Edition not long ago and we are excited to share with you about this special edition, which became a hit in the market. Although, MSI feels a bit of sorry for whom are waiting for a shortfall of this attractive gaming laptop. We understand that you’ve been waiting and we’re so glad to be able to announce that we’ve ste... More

Vega Squadron: The Russian Sharks' Fearless Journey to the World

  Vega Squadron is one of the best eSports organizations in Russia and CIS. Started as a StarCraft 2 team in 2012 by Alexey 'Vega' Kondakov, a business-man and amateur-gamer, the Moscow-based team now turned into a big organization with rosters in Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. "Sharks" rosters have already shown their strength on many major tournaments around the globe. Vega Squadron is wel... More

MSI Announces New GS63 Stealth Notebook with GTX 1050 Graphics

New GS63 Stealth allows for an affordable, portable and powerful mobile gaming experience Taipei, Taiwan – 10/18,2017 – MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware, introduces a new model of its GS63 Stealth line of notebooks. The newest variant features the same ultra-slim design, but with a more affordable GeForce GTX 1050 GPU. At just 1.8kg, the Stealth also features a powerful cooling module with three... More



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