October 01, 2021 What is Auto HDR and how to enable on Windows 11? Recently, Microsoft released the all-new Windows 11, which is available for Windows 10 users to upgrade. One of the biggest improvements of Windows 11 in gaming is the Auto HDR feature. The Auto HDR feature can intelligently take SDR-only games to HDR level [...]
September 22, 2021 8 Useful Tips to Boost Your Work From Home Productivity Being a successful remote employee requires discipline, above all else. Now that COVID-19 has forced us away from our offices and working from home has become the norm, we don’t have a choice but to make sure that we [...]
September 22, 2021 Mitigating Health Risks of Working From Home Staying healthy when working from your office was always important. But since offices are already equipped with furniture and equipment that’s geared towards working longer hours, you aren’t hopefully taking too much of a toll on your health. [...]
September 15, 2021 MSI unveiled New Color Modes For MAG274QRF And MAG274QRF-QD [Taipei, Taiwan] MSI noticed that gamers care about both performance and color. Therefore, MSI launched two Esports Gaming monitors last year: the MAG274QRF and the MAG74QRF-QD with Quantum Dots Technology. Both of them are popular among gamers and [...]
August 05, 2021 Makes Monitor Smarter And Easier to Use – Gaming Intelligent [Taipei, Taiwan]The OSD display has several functions that can help you adjust the display setting. Now it has new functions making the MSI monitor all the smarter. The function is called Gaming Intelligent, short for G.I. Gaming Intelligent [...]
June 24, 2021 Lower latency in games, how to measure? What is system latency? System latency is the time between action and result. When you click your mouse, the system will begin to calculate. Eventually, the action which you command will show on your display. So how doessystem latency effect [...]
June 23, 2021 Quantum Dots Technology: MAG274QRF-QD [Taipei, Taiwan] Last year, MSI launched two Esports Gaming monitors: MAG74QRF-QD and MAG274QRF. Both of them are popular among gamers. They are all equipped with Rapid IPS panels with a high refresh rate and fast response time. However, [...]
June 01, 2021 MSI Product launch 2021: Business Monitor and Creation Desktop for Professionals MSI’s quest to deliver an unparalleled computing experience to creative professionals and business users continues. Meet two products that do exactly this – unveiled at the MSI Product Launch 2021 –Tech Meets Aesthetics event. Each of these products has been painstakingly [...]
June 01, 2021 MSI Product launch 2021 - Next Gen Gaming Monitors At MSI’s Tech meets Aesthetics Event, we’ll be unveiling 4 high refresh rate gaming monitors. Each of these monitors was carefully designed with a singular goal – deliver the best gaming experience possible. Whether you’re looking for high resolutions [...]