November 04, 2021 A Closer Look at DDR5 Benchmarks with Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs As promised, we’re back with more details for everyone who’s hungry for more information about DDR5 and how the new generation performs compared to DDR4 memory! What’s more, in addition to directly pitting DDR4 vs. DDR5 RAM [...]
October 12, 2021 All You Need to Know about DDR5 Memory Modules It’s been over a year since rumors and leaks about DDR5 started hitting the streets. Today, we’re going to cover what we know about DDR5 modules from Kingston that will release alongside Intel’s next-generation CPUs. DDR5 vs. [...]
August 31, 2021 MSI B560 Memory Try It! Overclocking Competition - Guide II: Installation of DDR4 Memory After reading the Guide I - How to Select the Right Memory, we believe you have fully understood how to select DDR4 memory. After getting the new memory, the next step is for sure to install it! For all the [...]
August 31, 2021 MSI B560 Memory Try It! Overclocking Competition - Guide III: BIOS Settings After you bought the flashy and beautiful DDR4 memory, did you install them directly on your computer and start using it? Do you know that without additional settings, the memory will not perform as it could? How to set it [...]
August 31, 2021 MSI B560 Memory Try It! Overclocking Competition - Guide IV: Troubleshooting In the previous three overclocking guide articles, we’ve gone through some points that need to be paid attention to, including the selection, installation and BIOS settings of the RAM memory. The last guide here is to show you the [...]
August 20, 2021 Get Ready for Wi-Fi 6E: Unmatched Reliability, Stability, and Speeds Moving to a newer standard of wireless connectivity is always a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if,’ which is why it’s crucial to have hardware equipped to handle the future. Prepare for a new era of wireless networking with [...]
July 14, 2021 MSI B560 Memory Try It! Overclocking Competition - Guide I: How to Select the Right Memory MSI B560 Memory Try It! Overclocking Competition* is in full swing, many B560 users are gearing up and can’t wait to give it a try. *selected countries/regions only: Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, [...]
July 07, 2021 MSI App Player - Playing Android Games with Integrated Graphics Since the GPU shortage may continue throughout 2021, it may still be a challenge for people who wish to build a gaming PC to acquire a graphics card. This is especially annoying if you're in a hurry or you've been waiting [...]
July 06, 2021 How to Enable TPM on MSI Motherboards Featuring TPM 2.0 Microsoft recently announced Windows 11 and one of its system requirements is TPM 2.0. Thus, many people are now asking questions like “does my PC support TPM 2.0?” or “is a discrete TPM 2.0 module mandatory for installing Windows 11?” A TPM 2.0 module is not [...]