July 14, 2021 MSI B560 Memory Try It! Overclocking Competition - Guide I: How to Select the Right Memory MSI B560 Memory Try It! Overclocking Competition* is in full swing, many B560 users are gearing up and can’t wait to give it a try. *selected countries/regions only: Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, [...]
July 07, 2021 MSI App Player - Playing Android Games with Integrated Graphics Since the GPU shortage may continue throughout 2021, it may still be a challenge for people who wish to build a gaming PC to acquire a graphics card. This is especially annoying if you're in a hurry or you've been waiting [...]
July 06, 2021 How to Enable TPM on MSI Motherboards Featuring TPM 2.0 Microsoft recently announced Windows 11 and one of its system requirements is TPM 2.0. Thus, many people are now asking questions like “does my PC support TPM 2.0?” or “is a discrete TPM 2.0 module mandatory for installing Windows 11?” A TPM 2.0 module is not [...]
July 01, 2021 MSI B560 Memory Try It! Overclocking Competition – How to Enter Guide (Event eligible countries/regions: Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Yemen) MSI B560 [...]
June 01, 2021 MSI Memory Try It! - Boost Gaming Performance on Your B560 Motherboard One of the new features introduced to the B560 chipset is the support of RAM overclocking. On B460 systems, RAM frequency is limited to DDR4-2933 or DDD4-2666 depending on which processor is used. Now on B560 systems, you [...]
March 30, 2021 M.2 Slot is Disabled on Some B560 Motherboards with 10th Gen Intel Core Processor? Why? More and more Z590/B560 motherboards are being launched to pair with the new 11th Gen Intel Core Processor. Compared to the 10th Gen, the 11th Gen Intel Core Processor supports PCIe 4.0 and offers additional 4x PCIe 4.0 lanes for storage [...]
March 26, 2021 Which M.2 slot on MSI Z490 motherboard supports PCIe 4.0? MSI Z490 motherboards offer complete PCIe 4.0 solutions. With 11th Gen Intel Core Processors, MSI Z490 motherboards offer great bandwidth and performance for PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSDs and graphics cards. Many of you may have the question: which M.2 slot should be [...]
March 26, 2021 Overclock The AMD Ryzen 9 5900X to ALL CORE 4.6GHz with the MEG B550 UNIFY-X With the launch of AMD’s Zen 3 Desktop processors, consumers now have access to insane core counts as well as the fastest single-core performance in one powerful CPU. Whether you’re streaming the latest AAA games to your audience, working [...]
January 12, 2021 MSI Z590 Series Motherboards Intel’s latest and greatest processors demand a platform that can fully harness their power. MSI’s newest range of Z590 motherboards for 11th Generation Intel processors does just that! From top-tier options to go for aggressive overclocks that set [...]