November 01, 2022 How to Start Streaming Professionally Do you want to make a full-time career streaming on Twitch or Youtube? Making a full-time career out of streaming is the ultimate goal of a lot of gamers. Not only will you connect with others who share your interests, [...]
October 27, 2022 You need a high refresh rate monitor 4K@144Hz or 2K@240Hz for your RTX 40 series graphic card. Since NVIDIA announced the RTX 4090 in October 2022, many users were excited about new technologies such as DLSS 3. Those functions can make games look gorgeous and more realistic. They also provide excellent game performance in ultra-high resolution settings, in both (2K) 1440[...]
September 28, 2022 MSI Z790 vs. Z690 Motherboards: What to Expect Intel’s 13th Generation CPU lineup, dubbed Raptor Lake, is almost here! As expected, a brand-new chipset that can better keep up with the demands of next-gen performance and technologies will accompany these new Intel CPUs. Intel’s last-gen Z690 [...]
September 07, 2022 AMD X570 vs. X670 Chipset : What’s the main difference? When AMD launched the Zen architecture all those years ago, no one could’ve imagined how iconic its accompanying AM4 platform would become (understandably so). The AM4 socket has supported 5 successive CPU architectures, 4 process nodes, and a whopping 125+ processor SKUs [...]
May 18, 2022 Auto Install Your Driver & Software with MSI Driver Utility Installer Drivers are the key to the Windows Operating System (OS) recognizing your hardware components and are crucial for the computer to operate correctly. Generally, we will check the Device Manager program to verify if the drivers installed correctly when building [...]
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January 05, 2022 CES 2022 Unveil: MSI B660 Motherboards for 12th Generation Intel Alder Lake CPUs Intel’s 12th Generation Alder Lake processors launched with enthusiast-class Z690 motherboards, but many patiently wait on the sidelines to find out more about mainstream B660 boards. Well, your wait ends here. We’re excited to showcase some products from [...]
November 29, 2021 How to choose a PC Build for Christmas? With the holidays approaching us at light speed (this year went by quickly, didn't it?), it's almost that time of the year again! Holidays are meant to be spent with family, eating delicious meals, and of course, a fair share [...]
November 04, 2021 A Closer Look at DDR5 Benchmarks with Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs As promised, we’re back with more details for everyone who’s hungry for more information about DDR5 and how the new generation performs compared to DDR4 memory! What’s more, in addition to directly pitting DDR4 vs. DDR5 RAM [...]